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Important Dates:

April 15Call for Papers Opens

April 30Call for Preconference Deadline

June 1 – Registration Opens

July 17 – Call for Papers Deadline (5:00 pm EST)

August 24 – JPDF Application Deadline

September 25 – Early Bird Registration Deadline

September 28Charleston Premiers Application Deadline

October 16 – Regular Registration Deadline


I have things to say! How can I become a presenter?

Submit your proposal through our Call for Papers form. The proposal deadline is Friday, July 17. The conference planning committee will review all proposals and will send out decisions the week of July 27 – 31.

What types of conference sessions will there be?

At Charleston, we like making things fun and exciting. One way we do that is by having several different session formats to shake things up a bit.

I'm a publisher/vendor/consultant. How can I participate?

The conference is designed to put librarians, publishers, and vendors together to discuss issues of importance to us all. Everyone is welcome to participate in conference sessions, but we do ask that multiple viewpoints be represented and do not allow solo presentations from any one company. This is to ensure that conference sessions remain informational in nature and not promotional in any way.

For promotional opportunities, see:


Help! I'm a first time attendee!

Check out the “Getting Around the Conference” page for helpful hints and frequently asked questions, or contact one of our Conference Mentors with questions.

Also, read “What To Do When You’re In Charleston” whether this is your first or 35th time attending. It’s packed with restaurant recommendations, activities, and local flavor.

Do you have future conference dates planned?

The 2015 conference will be held November 4 – 7. Future dates through 2020 are on the books.

The Charleston Conference is the best opportunity to hear about new products and talk with vendors about the various issues and pressures that libraries are dealing with. Attendee

As a librarian new to collections, last year’s conference was certainly a wonderful learning opportunity for me! I am hoping to attend again next year. Attendee

I am always pleasantly surprised the the laid-back, friendly atmosphere at Charleston. It’s one of the few conferences I attend where most people seem excited to be there and to engage with their peers. Attendee