Call for Papers

The 2017 Call for Papers will open on April 19. 

The conference is seeking proposals on topics related to our over-arching themes of the library and publishing industries, collection discovery and management, diversity and accessibility, innovation, collection management and education, etc. Conference sessions are meant for librarians, publishers, and vendors to discuss issues of interest to them all. They are not an opportunity for marketing products or services, and we aim to give opportunities for everyone to be heard. As such, we encourage proposals that include representation from the different viewpoints and stakeholders in the scholarly communications process, so please consider the diversity of your panel.

We are seeking proposals for the following session types:

  • Lively (Lunchtime) Discussions: 75 minute sessions; focused on audience interaction and discussion. Power Points are discouraged. Bringing your own lunch is optional for attendees.
  • Concurrent Sessions: 45 minute sessions; standard presentation with 5-10 minutes for Q&A..
  • Innovation Lightning Rounds: 10 minute sessions; focused on new technology, innovations, etc.
  • Poster Sessions: 60 minute sessions; 6 ft. table and chairs provided. You are responsible for bringing your own poster and display board appropriate for table top display.
  • VIrtual Posters: PDF images and video presentations will be displayed on large flat screen monitors at the conference Poster Sessions.
  • Shotgun Sessions: 6 minute, 40 second PowerPoint presentations of 20 slides at 20 seconds each. A group of topically related Shotgun Sessions will be grouped together in a single concurrent session time slot.