BEP and MP are happy to announce the winner of the Essay Contest For Registration To Charleston!, Ms. Elizabeth Price from James Madison University. The Charleston Library Conference is held every year in Charleston, South Carolina and hosts hundreds of librarians, publishers, and others that discuss issues that stimulate growth and opportunities in the library world of today.

“BEP and MP were built, in-part, by a panel of librarians, and realize how important it is to support librarians – both in giving them content that educates and stimulates their students, but also by giving them these kinds of financial opportunities to help librarians go to meetings that support their work,” said Sung Tinnie, COO. “This essay contest was just one way we could say, Thank You to them, as well as offering financial support to an international librarian to travel to the Charleston Conference in the Fast Pitch Contest,” Tinnie added.

BEP has published over 800 titles in 33 different business subjects, and sells eBooks in with no DRM, are downloadable, and have perpetual access. MP handles the engineering and science content and has published more than 500 titles since 2009.

“This will be my second time attending Charleston Conference (the first time I attended was in 2016),” stated Price. “I prioritized attending this academic year because it has proved to be the best place to connect with other academic business librarians and learn about emerging areas in our field,” Elizabeth added.

Elizabeth Price has been an academic librarian since 2010; she moved into her current position as Business Librarian at James Madison University in 2016. Librarianship is her second career, following nine years as a newspaper copy editor and page designer for the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader. I feel like both of my careers have focused on contributing to an informed society, and I hope, empowering others in their decision making.

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