First published in Against the Grain v. 28 #1, February 2016 issue, pg. 66.

by Leah Hinds  (Assistant Conference Director)

How exciting!  Katina asked me to start writing a regular column on the Charleston Library Conference as a way to keep everyone up to date on the latest developments, deadlines, and news.  Although it feels to me like the 2015 Conference just wrapped up, February is when the “core planning committee,” Katina, Beth Bernhardt, Tom Gilson, and I, start gearing up our brains for the yearly planning process so this is the perfect time to start the column.

The 2015 attendee evaluation results have been compiled and distributed to the board of Conference Directors.  Thanks to all of you who took the time to turn in your comments!  Our first conference call has been scheduled to discuss the evaluations, make recommendations for changes based on attendee feedback, and brainstorm ideas for plenary speakers, panel topics, and a debate premise for 2016.  If you have ideas for topics, suggestions for speakers, or any comments or feedback that would be helpful in our planning, please feel free to contact any of the Conference Directors at the link above, or email me.  We’d love to hear from you!

We are pleased to announce our new Conference Philosophy and Code of Conduct that will take effect immediately, and which is posted on the Conference Website.  The Charleston Library Conference is an inclusive, professional conference.  We respect free speech and invite diverse perspectives and opinions.  We hope that this new philosophy and code of conduct will meet the goal of making all of our attendees feel welcome, valued, and comfortable.

A call for preconferences and seminars will open on the March 4, with a proposal submission deadline of April 29.  These in-depth learning sessions range from a half day to two days in length, and will be held from Monday, October 31, through Wednesday, November 2.  We are seeking proposals for hands-on, practical workshops that will offer a deeper, more thorough look at topics related to collection development and acquisitions.  One specific request from the 2015 evaluations was for an advanced preconference that would be helpful for mid-level to executive/director careers.  Other ideas included interpretation of usage metrics and how they relate to the real world and marketing your library.  We are also open to proposals for post-conference sessions to be held on Saturday afternoon, November 5.  For more information, visit

In addition to preparations for 2016, here is also some helpful information to wrap up from the 2015 conference.  2015 videos are now available on our YouTube channel.  All of the plenary sessions, Neapolitan sessions, and the Against the Grain “Views from the Penthouse Suite” interviews are available open access for your viewing pleasure.  Slides and handouts from many of the presentations are also linked to on the Schedule Website.  Reports and pictures of conference sessions from Don Hawkins, the Charleston Conference blogger, are also available.  Images from Greg Gersch, a talented graphic recorder who drew the take-aways and major points from Thursday’s plenary sessions, are available at

The 2015 Conference Proceedings will again be published by Purdue University Press.  They will be available open access on the Purdue Website this summer, and print copies will be available starting in October.  Proceedings of the conference published since 2009 are made openly accessible through the support of Purdue University Libraries, the parent organization of Purdue University Press, a unit of the Libraries.

Please keep an eye out here for future updates, and as always, please contact me with any questions.  I’m already looking forward to November!  But, some warmer weather would be nice in the meantime.



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