Conference Mailing List


Only available as an add-on for conference sponsors or Vendor Showcase exhibitors. The Conference Mailing List contains name, mailing address, email address, and attendee type (Librarian, Publisher, Vendor, Consultant, Student, Other) for each registrant of the Conference who elected to share their contact information with conference supporters. The cost is $950, and the terms of use are listed below. It can be sent either before or after the Conference. If sent beforehand, the best time to receive the list is any time following our Early Bird Registration Deadline on September 13. If sent afterwards, the file will be emailed on Wednesday, November 13 and will be a final list containing all late and on-site registrations.  


1) Only one email or one mailing piece (postcard, etc) shall be sent for each purchase of the mailing list.

2) We ask that you send a draft of the email or mailing piece to Leah Hinds at [email protected] for approval, allowing at least 2 business days for review.

3) These contacts should not be added to your regular contact lists or subscriber databases. If you send an email, please add the following text at the top or bottom of the message: “This is a one-time message sent to registrants of the 2019 Charleston Conference.

4) If someone replies to your email, that is considered an “opt in” and that person may be added to your contact lists/subscriber database.

Please contact Caroline Goldsmith at [email protected] if you would like to purchase a copy of the mailing list.

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