We are excited to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Charleston Juried Product Development Forums (JPDFs). The Forums are focus groups designed for publishers and vendors to gather market input from librarians on the development of a particular product or service, and for librarians to discuss market issues with publishers and vendors invited to participate in a forum. They are a unique opportunity for feedback from librarians regarding the design, features, feasibility or pricing of a particular product or service that addresses internal debates and shortens the sales cycle.

Please read carefully for details on how to apply.



Please contact Caroline Goldsmith ([email protected]) with questions about the application process.  Ms. Goldsmith serves as a conduit for communications between applicants and the Selection Committee.

Jack Montgomery, Coordinator of Acquisitions and Collection Services at Western Kentucky University and Charleston Conference Director, has volunteered to help coach applicants if needed. If you have questions about whether your product is a good fit for the forums, or questions about how to best frame your session to receive the desired feedback from librarians, please contact Jack at [email protected].

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