Anthony WatkinsonIf you’ve attended the Conference in the past, you’re no doubt seeing a familiar face.  If not, meet our plenary session moderator and time-keeper extraordinaire:

Anthony Watkinson
Principal Consultant, CIBER Research

Born and Lived: UK – for the last 42 years in the same village eight miles north of Oxford

Early Life: In Nottingham in the English midlands and then seven years at the University of Cambridge

Professional Career and Activities: Assistant Librarian New College Oxford and then STM publishing full time until 1998. Since then research and consultancy including a visiting Chair at City University London and six years as a senior lecturer at University College London.

Family:  wife Sarah, Emeritus now but Oxford academic in Biology, son Charles classical archaeologist but now director of Purdue University Press (+ two grandchildren) and daughter Ruth environmental policy and historical conservation in London with husband

Anthony's dog MarcusIn My Spare Time: Dog Marcus aged 7 (pictured left)

How long have you been attending the Charleston Conference? Decades

What do you think will be the hot topics of discussion this year?  Financial problems (again) and PDA/DDA again and again

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