Katina Strauch, Conference Founder

Katina Strauch, Conference Founder

If you haven’t already, meet Katina Strauch, owner and founder of the Charleston Conference:

Katina Strauch
Assistant Dean, Technical Services and Collection Development, Addlestone Library, College of Charleston
[email protected]

Born and Lived: Born in Columbia, SC. Lived all over the southeast until I came to Charleston.

Early Life: My father was a college professor.  My two brothers and I had idyllic lives roaming all over college campuses. He taught at Erskine College,  Presbyterian College, Univ.of SC, DukeUniversity, Tulane University until he left academe to become a research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, VA.

Professional Career and Activities:  I started life as a medical librarian at Duke University School of Nursing. Have worked at Duke University Medical Center, Low Country Area Health Education Center, Trident Technical College, and the College of Charleston.

Family: My mother is still alive at 92 and my Dad just died at 92 last year. I have two brothers.  I have been married since 1977 to Bruce Strauch and we have two children who are now adults. Raymond Walser who is a Lt.Col. in the Army and Ileana who is an MD. I also have three grandchildren. Oh! And a delightful Jack Russell terrier rescue named Circe.

In My Spare Time: I work on Against the Grain, do lots of reading, especially British mysteries (love Marjorie Allingham and Rumpole). My latest passion is reading about the Triple Crown winners. I like to cook but my husband does most of it. I like to supervise improvements to the house we have just bought.

What do you think will be the hot topics of discussion this year?  Sustainability of library budgets, collaboration in collecting, eBook pricing and delivery models, electronic resource management, compiling and using metrics to determine use of electronic resources, OA, MOOCs, are just a few.

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