2017 Conference Videos

2017 Conference Videos

Against the Grain “Views from the Penthouse Suite” Interviews

On the Conference YouTube Channel:

Opening Keynote: 21st Century Academic Library: The Promise, the Plan, a Response, by Loretta Parham (Atlanta University Center)

Short Plenary: The Future of Print in Open Stacks: a Proposal, by Jim O’Donnell

Plenary: Technology and Platforms: What’s on the Horizon with Georgios Papadopolos, Atypon

Keynote Plenary: Bringing Your Physical Books to Digital Learners via the Open Library Project by Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive

Plenary Panel: All the Robots are Coming! The Promise and the Peril of AI

Plenary: The Long Arm of the Law, with Ann Okerson (CRL), Ruth Okediji (Harvard Law School), and William Hannah (Schiff Hardin LLP)

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