Chat Log
8/16/2017 18:01 Karen Stesis: iS THE AUDIO WORKING?
8/16/2017 18:01 Sara Rouhi: can other folks here?
8/16/2017 18:01 Sara Rouhi: hear?
8/16/2017 18:01 Kimberly Martin: Yes
8/16/2017 18:01 Paul Taylor: yes
8/16/2017 18:01 Lauren Martin: Yes!
8/16/2017 18:01 Ruth Bueter: Yes
8/16/2017 18:01 Melanie Sorrell: I can hear just fine
8/16/2017 18:01 Elizabeth Elmwood: Yes
8/16/2017 18:01 Sara Rouhi: thank you!
8/16/2017 18:01 Eric Hansen: Yes
8/16/2017 18:02 Lindsay Wertman : Yes, thank you.
8/16/2017 18:02 Anna Fedorowycz: Yes
8/16/2017 18:02 Tony Horava: yes
8/16/2017 18:02 Sara Rouhi: Karen - others can hear
8/16/2017 18:02 Peggy Kain: Yes
8/16/2017 18:02 Sara Rouhi: perhaps check and see if your speakers on?
8/16/2017 18:02 Helen Levenon: yes
8/16/2017 18:03 Fred Pond: Fred, Laurie & Fred from UVM
8/16/2017 18:03 mark schumacher: yes
8/16/2017 18:03 Sara Rouhi: You might also call in from your phone instead of using your computer mic
8/16/2017 18:03 Nina Peri: Sound is fine
8/16/2017 18:03 Claire Twose: Yes
8/16/2017 18:04 Marisa Ruccolo: yes
8/16/2017 18:04 Donna Gibson: yes
8/16/2017 18:04 Colleen DeLory: Is there a dial-in number, the voice seems to cut to music and then repeat
8/16/2017 18:04 Ellen Symons: yes
8/16/2017 18:05 Colleen DeLory: Can you post the dial in number to chat
8/16/2017 18:05 Leah Hinds: Dial in number 716-273-1030
8/16/2017 18:05 Cory Stevens: 716-273-1030 PIN: 293 6245#
8/16/2017 18:05 Leah Hinds: PIN 293 6245#
8/16/2017 18:05 Jennifer Pate: I can hear but have a delay between video and audio
8/16/2017 18:07 Colleen DeLory: Thanks!
8/16/2017 18:16 Patricia Pettijohn: feedback and echo
8/16/2017 18:16 Elizabeth Elmwood: Sound is distorted
8/16/2017 18:16 Marie McVeigh: Anne's microphone is pretty choppy.
8/16/2017 18:16 Daryl Bullis: Choppy AV
8/16/2017 18:16 Mary Grace Stefanchik: distorted
8/16/2017 18:16 Leah Hinds: Is there anything we can do to fix Ann's audio?
8/16/2017 18:16 Tony Horava: same for me
8/16/2017 18:17 Jennifer Pate: agreed - badly distorted
8/16/2017 18:17 Nina Peri: very static sound - choppy
8/16/2017 18:17 Denise De La Rosa: agreed. Very choppy
8/16/2017 18:17 Patricia Pettijohn: static
8/16/2017 18:17 Helen Levenon: Speaker is hard to hear due to the distortion & being choppy.
8/16/2017 18:18 Marie McVeigh: ...gonna hope that doesn't affect how people hear/perceive the discussion... I know the lag-time between voice and video is distracting!
8/16/2017 18:18 Melinda Kenneway: A little distorted but not too bad over here in the UK!
8/16/2017 18:18 Sara Rouhi: Trying to see if we can pause or get you the text of the statement
8/16/2017 18:18 Sara Rouhi: Thanks Melinda
8/16/2017 18:18 Don Lewis: The audio issue is because she is using a phone connection rather than computer
8/16/2017 18:19 Marie McVeigh: You all should note such an important thing to the speakers beforehand...
8/16/2017 18:20 Kay Johnson: Having a bit of choppiness, too, but not annoying so. I'm not looking at the video, so that resolves the lag-time issues.
8/16/2017 18:20 Sara Rouhi: Marie - we have met several times to address this
8/16/2017 18:20 Sara Rouhi: she has always used the phone
8/16/2017 18:20 Sara Rouhi: we tested over 30 minutes before we started today and another hour earlier in the year
8/16/2017 18:21 Sara Rouhi: The audio has always been find
8/16/2017 18:21 Sara Rouhi: fine*
8/16/2017 18:21 Leah Hinds: I tried to share a PDF of her statement, but the text wasn't legible because it was so small.
8/16/2017 18:21 Nina Peri: Maybe you can send the text to all participants?
8/16/2017 18:21 Leah Hinds: <a href="" target="_blank"> Click here to download JIF debate 2017_Clarviate.pdf</a>
8/16/2017 18:21 Leah Hinds: Here's a link to the PDF file
8/16/2017 18:23 Nina Peri: Thanks
8/16/2017 18:23 Sara Rouhi: we'll also post online after
8/16/2017 18:25 Anna Fedorowycz: Thanks for the PDF!
8/16/2017 18:25 Karen Hanus: Would it be possible to get Sara's text too?
8/16/2017 18:25 Sara Rouhi: Yep both will be made available! Leah can you post mine now?
8/16/2017 18:27 Leah Hinds: <a href="" target="_blank"> Click here to download hyde park debate opening statement.pdf</a>
8/16/2017 18:27 Leah Hinds: Here you go!
8/16/2017 18:28 Greg Nelson: And the JIF is responsible for exclusion?
8/16/2017 18:29 Patricia Smith: My question: It is easy to say “we need to change how people use the impact factor” but I’ve never heard any solutions or suggestions on how we can make this change. Any ideas?
8/16/2017 18:30 Danielle Williams: How do you vet scholarly information without "impact factor" journals?
8/16/2017 18:31 Jennifer Pate: But how do you convince the people who are deciding if academic faculty get tenure or not that other "altmetrics" are as valid as the JIF? And should be weighted equally?
8/16/2017 18:31 Melinda Kenneway: The JIF drives tenure and promotion. How can we develop a better incentive system that addresses broader goals than peer citations?
8/16/2017 18:31 Jessica Brangiel: Perhaps the question isn't has the JIF done more harm than good but has the JIF outlived its usefulness? It makes a lot of sense in an analog world. Many other useful data points are available today.
8/16/2017 18:32 Leah Hinds: When we move into the audience Q&A portion, please submit your questions for the debaters using the "Ask the Presenter a Question" button at the top of the screen. The icon is a green speech text bubble with a question mark.
8/16/2017 18:33 Ramune Kubilius: What do you think of products such as Cabell's Whitelist and its new Blacklist that seeks to provide metrics at a journal level?
8/16/2017 18:36 katina strauch: faculty and tenure committees need to be brought on. Any work in these areas?
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: Lotsof work is being done to bring PT committees around
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: and we're seeing slow progress
8/16/2017 18:40 Melinda Kenneway: Public engagement is a huge topic (in the UK), with a proportion of grants being diverted towards that. Measuring impact here would seem to be important. Do you have any plans? How do we help researchers look outside of the academy and get interested in societal, economic and cultural impact?
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: :blush:
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: Melinda - the REF has massively driven the dev of alternative metrics
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: let's talk offline more if you like
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi: I can send you LOADS of stuff
8/16/2017 18:40 Melinda Kenneway: :)
8/16/2017 18:40 Sara Rouhi:
8/16/2017 18:41 Sara Rouhi: @RouhiRoo
8/16/2017 18:51 Tina Baich: Could you please address the fact that the correlation between journal metrics and performance of individual articles is weak. Journal metrics tell us little about the impact of particular articles.
8/16/2017 18:51 Elisabeth Leonard: Would you agree that JIF are difficult to surplant because it is easier to manage with the JIF imperfections than it is to understand what to measure and how?
8/16/2017 18:56 Matthew Person: LET Cabells products be free or let's see open pricing.
8/16/2017 18:56 Daryl Bullis: Hear hear Matthew!
8/16/2017 18:57 Jennifer Pate: yes Matthew!
8/16/2017 18:57 Ramune Kubilius: Tina, good question!
8/16/2017 18:57 Leah Hinds: Just as a reminder, the opening poll results were Yes = 81, No = 70
8/16/2017 18:57 Paul St-Pierre: It was a tough final decision - good debate!
8/16/2017 18:58 Melinda Kenneway: Great debate - many thanks everyone!
8/16/2017 18:58 Susan Spilka: great format, an hour well spent! Thanks, Sara, Anne, and Rick
8/16/2017 18:58 Ann Rouhi: Pls talk in percentage, not in actual count
8/16/2017 18:58 Sara Rouhi: Thanks for attending!!
8/16/2017 18:58 Leah Hinds: Percentages from opening yes 54%, no 45%
8/16/2017 18:58 john Gieschen: fyi - i got dropped off the webinar earlier - i listened on the phone, but just tried to log back in. that might account for loss of votes?
8/16/2017 18:58 Marie McVeigh: Sounds like you need a metric!:smile:
8/16/2017 18:59 Lea Currie: My vote did not register
8/16/2017 18:59 Laura Mullen: Thanks; also my vote is shadowed out, so there may be some issues
8/16/2017 18:59 Elisabeth Leonard: looks like slightly higher % change to Yes
8/16/2017 18:59 Patricia Smith: Don't forget to actually submit your vote!
8/16/2017 19:01 Daryl Bullis: Great discussion. Thanks!
8/16/2017 19:01 Anna Fedorowycz: Thank you, great debate!
8/16/2017 19:01 john Gieschen: this was great. look forward to the next one.
8/16/2017 19:01 Eric Hansen: Good points worth pondering.
8/16/2017 19:01 Sara Rouhi: Thanks all!
8/16/2017 19:01 Tony Horava: this was really great! !
8/16/2017 19:01 Camille Gamboa: I like it as a webinar format though - one to do again!
8/16/2017 19:01 Lauren Martin: Way to go Sara!
8/16/2017 19:01 Sara Rouhi: Thanks all! lets keep the convo going
8/16/2017 19:01 Jessica Brangiel: Thank you all.
8/16/2017 19:02 Jill Powell: Both presenters did a great job!
8/16/2017 19:02 Erin Owens: Both sides debated well and this was really interesting. Thanks for presenting!
8/16/2017 19:02 Kimberly Powell: Thank you!
8/16/2017 19:02 Katie Duffy: Thanks - this was great!
8/16/2017 19:02 Beverley Wood: :clap:
8/16/2017 19:02 Ann Rouhi: I got distracted. Which side won?
8/16/2017 19:02 Laura Mullen: I sent a question through the green thing at the top but I noticed most questions came via the chat box
8/16/2017 19:02 Lauren Martin: Sara won
8/16/2017 19:02 Donna Gibson: thank this format of a debate
8/16/2017 19:02 Charles Spetland: Thanks!
8/16/2017 19:02 Danielle Williams: Thanks!