Chat Log
11/1/2017 17:03 Patricia Sobczak: Pattie Sobczak
11/1/2017 17:03 Janelle Wertzberger: Hi, I'm Janelle Wertzberger from Gettysburg College in Gettysburg, PA
11/1/2017 17:03 Susan Kromrie: Missouri, librarian, yes
11/1/2017 17:03 Sabrina Glogower: Hi I am Sabrina from Elsevier based in NYC but live in NJ
11/1/2017 17:03 Dawn Mick: Hi, I'm Dawn Mick from Iowa State University in Ames, IA.
11/1/2017 17:03 Kate Jones: Kate Jones from Rochester, NY
11/1/2017 17:03 Mandi Smith: From University of Arkansas. Librarian. First time attendee.
11/1/2017 17:03 Kathy Wheeler: Kathy Wheeler, Marx Library, University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL
11/1/2017 17:03 Fred Folmer: Fred Folmer, Connecticut College
11/1/2017 17:03 Elijah Scott: Elijah Scott, Florida Academic Library Services Cooperative.
11/1/2017 17:03 Mary Olson: Mary Olson from Fargo, ND!
11/1/2017 17:03 Rachel Hally: Rachel Hally at Scarborough Library at Shepherd University
11/1/2017 17:03 Laura Slavin: Hello! My name is Laura Slavin. This will be my first conference. I'm from the University of Alabama in Huntsville
11/1/2017 17:03 Ilona Burdette: Ilona Burdette, Director, Kentucky Virtual Library
11/1/2017 17:03 Kate Laing: Hi I'm Kate Laing from Bard College in NYS
11/1/2017 17:03 Caroline Whippey: Caroline, Ontario, & first time
11/1/2017 17:03 Mark Gooch: Mark Gooch, from The College of Wooster--Librarian
11/1/2017 17:03 Patricia Sobczak: Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA - LIbrarianan
11/1/2017 17:03 Colleen Lougen: New Paltz, NY, librarian and first time attendee
11/1/2017 17:03 Lynn Whittenberger: Lynn W., North Carolina State U. First timer
11/1/2017 17:03 Curt Asher: Curt Asher Bakersfield, CA
11/1/2017 17:03 Michele LaMeau: Hello, I'm Michele LaMeau, Gale - Cengage Learning
11/1/2017 17:03 David MacSweeney: David MacSweeney, from Taylor and Francis (Publisher)
11/1/2017 17:03 Peter Bae: hi, I'm Peter Bae from Princeton University Library
11/1/2017 17:03 Cynthia Thomes: Hi! I'm Cynthia Thomes, from UMUC in Adelphi, MD.
11/1/2017 17:03 Darcy Gervasio: Darcy Gervasio from SUNY Purchase College, NY. I'm a librarian. First time attendee
11/1/2017 17:03 Marc Jaffy: Columbus, OH, yes, librarian
11/1/2017 17:03 Vye Perrone: Hi, I'm Vye and I am from New Zealand
11/1/2017 17:03 John de La Fontaine: Hello, John from L.A. - Go Dodgers!
11/1/2017 17:03 Sarah Kabani: Sarah Kabani from Elsevier, in Dallas TX
11/1/2017 17:03 Marie Wallden: Hello! Marie Wallden from Adam Matthew Digital (primary source publisher) from Raleigh, NC
11/1/2017 17:03 Catherine Anderson: My name is Catherine Anderson, attending from Knowledge Unlatched in Berlin. 1st time at Charleston
11/1/2017 17:03 Patricia Dover: Tennessee Librarian
11/1/2017 17:03 Lois Kuyper-Rushing: Hi, from Baton Rouge, LA
11/1/2017 17:04 Dylan Moran: Dylan Moran, Berry College, Georgia. First time attendee
11/1/2017 17:04 Cynthia McClellan: Cynthia McClellan - PA College of Health Sciences. Librarian
11/1/2017 17:04 Jessica O'Neil: Hi Jessica O'Neil, from Florida Atlantic University.
11/1/2017 17:04 Barbara Kenney: Barbara Kenney, Instructional Services Librarian at Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island
11/1/2017 17:04 Michael Winecoff: Hi, UNC Charlotte in Charlotte, NC.
11/1/2017 17:04 Tricia Reusing: Just logged in. Tricia Reusing, medical librarian from Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ
11/1/2017 17:04 Julie Adamo: Julie Adamo, Mount Holyoke College, Northampton, MA, librarian
11/1/2017 17:04 Monica Crabtree: Monica Crabtree, University of Notre Dame
11/1/2017 17:04 Zeynep Buyukonal: Stanford University, Ops Mgr, first-time
11/1/2017 17:04 Geri Rinna: Hi, Geri Rinna ER Librarian at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo and this is my first time attending!
11/1/2017 17:04 Paul Diskin: Hi I am Paul Diskin from Princeton University.
11/1/2017 17:04 Cathy Cotter: Cathy Cotter, Head Law Librarian, University of New Brunswick (Canada)
11/1/2017 17:04 Alice Daugherty: Alice Daugherty The University of Alabama.
11/1/2017 17:04 Shaun Bennett: Hi there; I'm a staff member at the NC State University Libraries, first timer.
11/1/2017 17:04 Jennifer Young : Hi! I'm Jennifer Young from Johnson City, TN. Librarian at ETSU
11/1/2017 17:04 Mei Mendez: Hi, I'm Mei, from the Boston Library Consortium's EAST Project
11/1/2017 17:04 Melissa Lockaby: Hello - University of North GA, Dahlonega, GA
11/1/2017 17:04 Katherine Ryner: Katherine Ryner, St. Mary's College of Maryland, first-timer, librarian
11/1/2017 17:04 Jenifer Holman: Hi, I'm Jen Holman from Hope College - this will be my 2nd Charleston (but the first was back in 2004)
11/1/2017 17:04 Joanne Montgomery: Boston and from a Consortium
11/1/2017 17:04 Sara Green: HI! I am Sara Green and am from Tennessee. The University of Tennessee
11/1/2017 17:04 Emily Mock: I'm from University at Albany, NY, and this is my first time
11/1/2017 17:04 Patricia Jobin: Library worker, Quebec, Library of Université Laval
11/1/2017 17:04 Holly Inglis: Holly Inglis, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada, first time attendee.
11/1/2017 17:04 D.J. Hoek: I'm D.J. Hoek from Northwestern University. This will be my 3rd Charleston Conf.
11/1/2017 17:04 shawne holcomb: shawne holcomb, Rollins College, WinterPark FL
11/1/2017 17:04 Julie Beecken: Hi I am Juli Beecken from Emmitsburg, MD
11/1/2017 17:04 Jennifer Norton: Penn State University Press
11/1/2017 17:04 Lynn Loughran: Hi I'm Lynn Loughran from Coastal Carolina. I am the acquisitions specialist at Kimbel
11/1/2017 17:04 Nathalie Parent: Head of Technical services, Université de Moncton
11/1/2017 17:04 Andrew Waller: Andrew Waller, University of Calgary, AB, 1st time at Charleston (strangely)
11/1/2017 17:04 Carolle Blais: Carolle Blais université du Québec à Montréal
11/1/2017 17:04 Ruvanna Williams: I'm Ruvanna Williams from Alabama A & M University.
11/1/2017 17:04 Christian Burris: Hello! I'm Christian Burris from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC.
11/1/2017 17:04 Nancy Williard: Hi, I'm Nancy Williard from Brevard College - Information Services but I do everything - mostly techie eresources
11/1/2017 17:04 Sara Green: yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Teresa Imfeld: Hello, I work as the Serials, Acquisitions, and Cataloging Specialist at Warren Wilson College
11/1/2017 17:04 Julie Beecken: Yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Anna Grigson: Hi, I'm Anna and I'm Head of Content & Discovery at the London School of Economics
11/1/2017 17:04 Cynthia McClellan: Yep :-)
11/1/2017 17:04 Teresa Imfeld: yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Joanne Montgomery: Yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Sara Green: yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Marc Jaffy: Yes
11/1/2017 17:04 Judy Barnes: Hi I'm Judy Barnes from Am. Psychological Assoc, DC. Editorial development - not a librarian. 1st time attending.
11/1/2017 17:04 Carolle Blais: Yes my first time
11/1/2017 17:04 Patricia Jobin: Yes
11/1/2017 17:05 Tricia Reusing: Hi Cynthia! Tricia
11/1/2017 17:05 Lois Kuyper-Rushing: Yes
11/1/2017 17:05 Cynthia McClellan: Hi, Tricia!
11/1/2017 17:05 Nancy Williard: Not been to Charleston. New from California. Born here then lived as an expatriate!
11/1/2017 17:06 Michele LaMeau: I'm not seeing any new slides???
11/1/2017 17:06 Ilona Burdette: No pics - just cover slide
11/1/2017 17:06 Susan Kromrie: no
11/1/2017 17:06 Tricia Reusing: Same here. No slides
11/1/2017 17:06 Rachel Hally: I see arrival: check in slide
11/1/2017 17:06 Judy Barnes: Yes, cant see new slides
11/1/2017 17:06 Jacqueline Whyte Appleby: am seeing arrival check-in slide
11/1/2017 17:07 Patricia Sobczak: I can see the slides.
11/1/2017 17:07 Lois Kuyper-Rushing: I see it all
11/1/2017 17:07 Elijah Scott: No problems
11/1/2017 17:07 Abe Novick: just cover
11/1/2017 17:07 Julie Adamo: I see new slides
11/1/2017 17:07 Mary Olson: I'm seeing the arrival: check in slides
11/1/2017 17:07 Kate Laing: same here
11/1/2017 17:07 Julie Adamo: I saw pictures
11/1/2017 17:07 Carolle Blais: I cant see the slides
11/1/2017 17:07 Mark Marino: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Michael Winecoff: Yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Shaun Bennett: Yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Peter Bae: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Anna Grigson: Yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Darcy Gervasio: yup i see arrival slide
11/1/2017 17:07 Kate Laing: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Tricia Reusing: NO
11/1/2017 17:07 Joanne Montgomery: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Lois Kuyper-Rushing: ues
11/1/2017 17:07 Ken Carriveau: hmm black screen/slide and no audio
11/1/2017 17:07 Teresa Imfeld: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Mei Mendez: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Mark Gooch: yep
11/1/2017 17:07 John de La Fontaine: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Nancy Williard: Yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Sara Green: yrs
11/1/2017 17:07 Jacqueline Whyte Appleby: (Hi, Jacqueline from Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University Libraries, first time attendee)
11/1/2017 17:07 Stephanie Wical: Hi, Stephanie Wical at Boston University. Thrilled to see that I will see Jen Holman!! Miss you!!
11/1/2017 17:07 Patricia Jobin: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Judy Barnes: yes
11/1/2017 17:07 Christian Burris: Yes.
11/1/2017 17:07 Abe Novick: will switch browsers
11/1/2017 17:07 Ilona Burdette: no
11/1/2017 17:07 Heather Staines: We will send out the recording with the slides if you aren't able to see them.
11/1/2017 17:08 Ilona Burdette: Slides!
11/1/2017 17:08 Abe Novick: ok in Chrome
11/1/2017 17:08 Ilona Burdette: Okay now:)
11/1/2017 17:08 Beth Bernhardt: make sure you are using Foxfire or Chrome
11/1/2017 17:08 Heather Staines: If no audio, check your computer preferences to see if speakers are on or if headset option is selected.
11/1/2017 17:09 Patricia Dover: Will you be giving us a map in our tote bag?
11/1/2017 17:09 Beth Bernhardt: John de La Fontaine - Heather will answer your question during her time to speak
11/1/2017 17:09 Beth Bernhardt: Yes there is a map in the program
11/1/2017 17:10 Sara Green: parking if you are staying further away?
11/1/2017 17:10 Heather Staines: FM has parking.
11/1/2017 17:10 Beth Bernhardt: There are public parking places at the Francis Marion
11/1/2017 17:10 Heather Staines: There is also municipal parking not far away.
11/1/2017 17:10 Beth Bernhardt: on King Street and at the Galliard Center also
11/1/2017 17:10 Sara Green: thank you!
11/1/2017 17:11 Sarah Kabani: Any pickups from Marriott Charleston?
11/1/2017 17:12 Sarah Kabani: There's another one waterfront, just checking - thanks!
11/1/2017 17:12 Sabrina Glogower: What times are they available?
11/1/2017 17:14 Beth Bernhardt: For hours of the shuttle -
11/1/2017 17:15 Sabrina Glogower: What is attire to these events?
11/1/2017 17:16 Beth Bernhardt: casual
11/1/2017 17:16 Heather Staines: Super casual, I'd say.
11/1/2017 17:16 Lois Kuyper-Rushing: thanks you
11/1/2017 17:16 Heather Thoele: I was just thinking that! They are dressed up!
11/1/2017 17:16 Sabrina Glogower: Ok good. thank you :)
11/1/2017 17:16 Beth Bernhardt: comfortable shoes
11/1/2017 17:16 Mark Marino: a listers
11/1/2017 17:16 Rachel Hally: Is there enough time to attend vendor showcase if you are also attending pre-conference sessions on Tuesday?
11/1/2017 17:16 Beth Bernhardt: Yes
11/1/2017 17:17 Beth Bernhardt: it goes until 6pm
11/1/2017 17:17 Leah Hinds: Sarah - we didn't have a group rate block of guest rooms at the Charleston Marriott on Lockwood, so the shuttles won't pick up there.
11/1/2017 17:17 Susan Kromrie: Are the vendors set up later in the week, or just on Tuesday?
11/1/2017 17:17 Sarah Kabani: Thanks Leah, I'm going to see if I can get into another hotel. Thanks for checking :)
11/1/2017 17:18 Leah Hinds: Vendor Showcase is one day only on Tuesday
11/1/2017 17:18 Cris Ferguson: Just on Tuesday, but if there is a particular vendor you want to meet with they are often willing to set up one on one meetings throughout the conference.
11/1/2017 17:19 Susan Kromrie: Can I bring family to the all conference reception? They are traveling with me.
11/1/2017 17:20 Susan Kromrie: I would have a plus 3
11/1/2017 17:20 Shaun Bennett: My wife is super excited about the aquarium, so I appreciate the +1 option!
11/1/2017 17:20 Heather Thoele: Is there an RSVP for the Aquarium?
11/1/2017 17:21 Heather Staines: I haven't heard of anyone having an issue bringing families. Any of us in line will gladly add someone as a +1 in the event that anyone is checking. :)
11/1/2017 17:21 Leah Hinds: Hi Susan, sure, that's fine. :)
11/1/2017 17:21 Cris Ferguson: No RSVP needed for the Aquarium. Just show up! :smile:
11/1/2017 17:22 Susan Kromrie: Thanks!
11/1/2017 17:22 Julie Beecken: Can I get my husband on the shuttle to the Aquarium?
11/1/2017 17:22 Teresa Imfeld: Thank you for mentioning that Heather. I have to bring my daughter (single parent), and my sister is coming with me to watch/take care of her while I'm at the conference.
11/1/2017 17:22 Heather Staines: Everyone can ride the shuttle.
11/1/2017 17:23 Heather Staines: Don't worry about guests.
11/1/2017 17:24 Nancy Schuler: Can I come to the first timers reception without registering? My flight gets in at 630 so I may not make it to registration before it closes at 7 pm.
11/1/2017 17:24 Beth Bernhardt: sure no problem
11/1/2017 17:24 Mark Gooch: There doesn't seem to be a break for lunch, is that correct?
11/1/2017 17:24 Beth Bernhardt: I will talk about that in a minute thatnks
11/1/2017 17:24 Leah Hinds: There is a 30 minute gap between sessions - Beth will cover more info soon
11/1/2017 17:26 Rachel Hally: what is the app called, is it on the app store?
11/1/2017 17:27 Cris Ferguson: Here is the site you want to visit:
11/1/2017 17:27 Michael Winecoff: I couldn't find a way to add sessions to my calendar (like a luncheon with the vendor). Possible?
11/1/2017 17:27 Joanne Montgomery: Very easy to use
11/1/2017 17:27 Michael Winecoff: Yes
11/1/2017 17:27 Michael Winecoff: Exactly!
11/1/2017 17:27 Cynthia McClellan: It can't be done--I emailed and got the answer.
11/1/2017 17:28 Michael Winecoff: It was read only
11/1/2017 17:28 Cynthia McClellan: Yw :-)
11/1/2017 17:30 Heather Thoele: Can you describe the Plenaries a little more?
11/1/2017 17:30 Heather Staines: High profile topics, should offer something for everyone!
11/1/2017 17:31 Leah Hinds: Plenaries are general keynote sessions for everyone - here is a list on our schedule:
11/1/2017 17:31 Heather Thoele: Thank you
11/1/2017 17:32 Sabrina Glogower: If you have the conference full pass do you have the pay for other sessions/events the conference is having?
11/1/2017 17:32 Heather Staines: Everything mentioned is included.
11/1/2017 17:32 Leah Hinds: The only additional fees are for preconference sessions. Everything else is included.
11/1/2017 17:35 Leah Hinds: List of speakers:
11/1/2017 17:35 Teresa Imfeld: Is the continental breakfast free or is there a fee?
11/1/2017 17:35 Leah Hinds: Free
11/1/2017 17:37 Ibironke Lawal: We are coming inthrough the train. Do they have shared taxis there as well?
11/1/2017 17:37 Cynthia McClellan: Is Uber in Charleston too?
11/1/2017 17:38 Leah Hinds: Yes to Uber, not sure about shared taxis from the train
11/1/2017 17:38 Sara Green: is there one of these taxi's that travels from downtown at the Francis MArion or near by?
11/1/2017 17:38 Jessica O'Neil: What about Lyft?
11/1/2017 17:38 Cynthia McClellan: How far does it take to walk to conference location from historic district?
11/1/2017 17:38 Cynthia McClellan: Market
11/1/2017 17:38 Dawn Mick: I looked Lyft up a few weeks ago and they have a Charleston presence.
11/1/2017 17:39 Leah Hinds:
11/1/2017 17:39 Beth Bernhardt: The Market is probably 15 min walk
11/1/2017 17:39 Beth Bernhardt: I walk fast
11/1/2017 17:39 Cris Ferguson: It depends on how fast you walk? :wink:
11/1/2017 17:39 Leah Hinds:
11/1/2017 17:39 Cris Ferguson: It is about a 15- 20 minute walk.
11/1/2017 17:39 Rachel Hally: Do the venues tend to be chilly?
11/1/2017 17:40 Beth Bernhardt: I would suggest bringing a sweater,
11/1/2017 17:40 Beth Bernhardt: or wear layers
11/1/2017 17:40 Cris Ferguson: I find them to be warm once they fill up with people, but definitely dress in layers.
11/1/2017 17:40 Leah Hinds: Temps vary - I get cold easily so I always carry a sweater. The larger ballrooms are cool and the smaller ones can get warm.
11/1/2017 17:40 Sara Green: how is public transportation, like the city bus system?
11/1/2017 17:40 Cynthia McClellan: I have seen the +1 RSVPs on some vendor invites. Who can be the +1?
11/1/2017 17:40 Cris Ferguson: With the availability of the conference shuttles, I have honestly never had the need to use the public transport.
11/1/2017 17:41 Kate Hill: It can be anyone. I have brought a co worker or my husband
11/1/2017 17:41 Beth Bernhardt: There is a trolley that runs through the town
11/1/2017 17:41 Demetra Pearson: I stayed in Mt. Pleasant last year. I never saw shuttle service at my hotel. Ended up drive over each day. Wasn't a major issue, but had to spend extra time finding and paying for parking.
11/1/2017 17:41 Leah Hinds: Free downtown trolley called DASH:
11/1/2017 17:41 Kate Hill: +1 question
11/1/2017 17:41 Leah Hinds: Public transportation
11/1/2017 17:41 Zeynep Buyukonal: are there nearby places to grab a lunch?
11/1/2017 17:41 Leah Hinds: Cris will cover nearby food/lunch options next
11/1/2017 17:45 Leah Hinds: RSVP link for Dine Arounds also located on the schedule at
11/1/2017 17:46 Teresa Imfeld: The Dine Around costs $60 right?
11/1/2017 17:46 Heather Staines: Snacks? There is a huge amount of food at the aquarium. I've never been able to eat after...
11/1/2017 17:47 Leah Hinds: There are a ton of restaurants within walking distance up and down King Street and Calhoun Streets, but these are a few of our favs.
11/1/2017 17:47 Heather Staines: Caviar and Bananas has choose your own salad options, a deli counter, pre-made sushi! My favorite.
11/1/2017 17:48 Kate Hill: It is soo good! (Caviar and Bananas)
11/1/2017 17:49 Melissa Lockaby: I've been told you'll want reservations to many of the restaurants.
11/1/2017 17:49 Heather Staines: Poogan's Porch is on the ghost tour--ghost dog!
11/1/2017 17:49 Beth Bernhardt: Yes reservations maybe needed.
11/1/2017 17:50 Kate Hill: Black Tap is my rec, best coffee in Charleston
11/1/2017 17:50 Beth Bernhardt: There are several Casual places on King that are just walk in
11/1/2017 17:50 Leah Hinds: She mentioned Virginia's on King - that's one of the restaurants available for the Dine Arounds on Thursday night
11/1/2017 17:51 Sara Green: are these resteraunts open on Sunday?I a coming in early to attend pre-conferences.
11/1/2017 17:51 Ilona Burdette: Thank you all for these tips. I have to leave for another meeting. I am looking forward to the conference!
11/1/2017 17:51 Heather Staines: The Macintosh is great. Prohibition. The Cru Cafe!
11/1/2017 17:51 Heather Staines: Husk!
11/1/2017 17:51 Leah Hinds: Most should be open on Sunday, but check their website ahead of time
11/1/2017 17:52 Kate Hill: Yes, lots of places open on Sunday! Sometimes they are closed on Monday, but it is a real tourist town, so most are open all the time
11/1/2017 17:52 Heather Staines: And the hang out bar is the Swamp Fox in the FM!
11/1/2017 17:52 Heather Staines: I'll be there!
11/1/2017 17:53 Dylan Moran: Is it still possible to register for a preconference?
11/1/2017 17:53 Ellen Metter: If you're at a distant hotel - ideas on best places to chill?
11/1/2017 17:53 Cynthia McClellan: Helloooo Ellen :-)
11/1/2017 17:53 Demetra Pearson: Shuttle service for Mt. Pleasant? Never saw their presence last year.
11/1/2017 17:53 Beth Bernhardt: Lobby of the Courtyard is nice
11/1/2017 17:53 Marc Jaffy: Do shuttles run during preconference?
11/1/2017 17:53 Ellen Metter: Hi Cyn!
11/1/2017 17:54 Julie Beecken: Should we try to pre-order your lunches?
11/1/2017 17:54 Sara Green: will it be warm enoough to visit the beach?
11/1/2017 17:54 Ellen Metter: Ah! College of Charleston Library sounds interesting!
11/1/2017 17:55 Zeynep Buyukonal: what is the quickest way to go from one conference hotel to the other? walk, shuttle?
11/1/2017 17:56 Heather Staines: Beach depends on where you are from...
11/1/2017 17:56 Heather Staines: Between the main conference hotels, walking is faster.
11/1/2017 17:58 Vye Perrone: What are the little numbers in red on the Sched? All (mostly) 1 I think
11/1/2017 17:58 Julie Beecken: Fire museum is good
11/1/2017 17:58 Leah Hinds: Those are sessions that your Facebook/Twitter/etc friends are attending
11/1/2017 17:58 Teresa Imfeld: Is there a Fort nearby?
11/1/2017 17:59 Ibironke Lawal: That is a fantastic farmers market
11/1/2017 17:59 Beth Bernhardt: You can get to the Fort by walking down and then taking a boat tour to it
11/1/2017 17:59 Zeynep Buyukonal: are poster sessions mostly for networking?
11/1/2017 17:59 Vye Perrone: Thanks!
11/1/2017 17:59 Sabrina Glogower: Thank you very much
11/1/2017 17:59 Teresa Imfeld: Thank you Beth!
11/1/2017 18:00 Kathleen Kucharski: shuttle loop - HOliday Inn historic downtown?
11/1/2017 18:00 Michele LaMeau: Thank you all...this was great.
11/1/2017 18:00 Heather Staines: I stayed at Holiday Inn Historic last year. It is 10 minute walk from the main area.
11/1/2017 18:00 Dawn Mick: The virtual poster idea is intriguing! I'm looking forward to trying it!
11/1/2017 18:01 Patricia Jobin: Thank you all! Very helpful!
11/1/2017 18:01 Geri Rinna: Thank you!
11/1/2017 18:01 Patricia Dover: Thank you
11/1/2017 18:01 Sara Green: thank you!
11/1/2017 18:01 Cynthia McClellan: Thanks very much--very helpful!
11/1/2017 18:01 Julie Beecken: Thank you al!
11/1/2017 18:01 Dawn Mick: Thank you ladies, this has been very informative!
11/1/2017 18:01 Patricia Sobczak: Thanks!
11/1/2017 18:01 Nancy Williard: Thanks!
11/1/2017 18:01 Christian Burris: Thanks to all of the presenters!
11/1/2017 18:01 Simon Lee: Thank you.
11/1/2017 18:01 Mark Gooch: Thank you.
11/1/2017 18:01 Ellen Metter: Thanks!
11/1/2017 18:01 Marc Jaffy: Thanks you.
11/1/2017 18:01 Zeynep Buyukonal: thank you!
11/1/2017 18:01 Elijah Scott: Excellent information! Thank you!!! :)
11/1/2017 18:01 Rachel Hally: thanks!
11/1/2017 18:01 Kathy Wheeler: Thanks!
11/1/2017 18:01 Carolle Blais: Thank you!
11/1/2017 18:02 Andrew Waller: This was very helpful! Many thanks!
11/1/2017 18:02 Lynn Loughran: Thank you so much!
11/1/2017 18:02 Stephanie Davis-Kahl: Thank you!
11/1/2017 18:02 Lynn Whittenberger: thanks!
11/1/2017 18:02 Mei Mendez: Thank you!
11/1/2017 18:02 Patricia Jobin: :)
11/1/2017 18:02 Ruvanna Williams: Thank you!
11/1/2017 18:02 Teresa Imfeld: Wonderful! Thank you for doing this.