Chat Log
2/28/2018 19:01 Elizabeth McCormick: Elizabeth McCormick, Radford University
2/28/2018 19:01 Christie Hurrell: Christie Hurrell, University of Calgary
2/28/2018 19:01 Abigail Wickes: Abigail Wickes, Oxford University Press :)
2/28/2018 19:01 Bruce Pencek: Bruce Pencek, Virginia Tech Libraries
2/28/2018 19:01 Earleen Warner: Earleen Warner (Bethel University, St. Paul, MN)
2/28/2018 19:01 Fran Gray: Fran Gray, Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Canada
2/28/2018 19:01 Susan Vandagriff: Susan Vandagriff University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
2/28/2018 19:01 Jackie Szmaja: Jackie Szmaja, Marketing Manager, PNAS
2/28/2018 19:01 Laura Vogler: Laura Vogler, Wabash College
2/28/2018 19:01 Christopher Plattsmier: Christopher Plattsmier, ACLS Humanities E-Book
2/28/2018 19:01 Emily Gattozzi: Emily Gattozzi, Bowling Green State University
2/28/2018 19:01 Steve Oberg: Steve Oberg, Wheaton College (IL)
2/28/2018 19:01 Julia Lovett: Julia Lovett, University of Rhode Island
2/28/2018 19:01 Jen Waller: Jen Waller, University of Oklahoma
2/28/2018 19:01 Brittani Riddle: Brittani Riddle American University Library
2/28/2018 19:01 Michelle Durocher: Michelle Durocher, Harvard University
2/28/2018 19:01 Douglas Black: Douglas Black, Middlebury College
2/28/2018 19:01 Graham Stone: Graham Stone, Jisc in the UK
2/28/2018 19:01 Barbara Walker: Barbara Walker FASEB
2/28/2018 19:01 Ashley Bailey: Ashley Fast Bailey, GOBI Library Solutions
2/28/2018 19:01 Wayne Morse: Wayne Morse, Emory University
2/28/2018 19:01 Deanna Flores: Deanna Flores Adventist University of Health Sciences
2/28/2018 19:01 Shelly Miller: Shelly Miller, Overleaf
2/28/2018 19:01 Mary Onorato: Mary Onorato, Modern Language Assoc
2/28/2018 19:01 brian mathews: Brian Mathews, Virginia Tech
2/28/2018 19:01 Jeff Mortimore: Georgia Southern University
2/28/2018 19:01 Carole Parker: Carole Parker, Bates College
2/28/2018 19:01 Gerard Rogers: Gerard Rogers, University of the West Indies
2/28/2018 19:01 Sam Byrd: Sam Byrd, Virginia Commonwealth University
2/28/2018 19:01 John Burger: John Burger, Assn of Southeastern Research Libs
2/28/2018 19:01 Joshua Pyle: Joshua Pyle, Atypon Systems
2/28/2018 19:01 J McKenzie: Janis McKenzie, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.
2/28/2018 19:01 Leo Lo: Leo Lo, Old Dominion University
2/28/2018 19:01 Beth Owens: Beth Owens, Cleveland Museum of Art
2/28/2018 19:01 Marianne Foley: Marianne - SUNY Buffalo State - librarian
2/28/2018 19:01 Monica Ward: Monica Ward, Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)
2/28/2018 19:01 Vye Perrone: vye perrone, university of waikato, nz
2/28/2018 19:01 Gerard Rogers: Librarian
2/28/2018 19:01 Dave Tyckoson: Dave Tyckoson, California State University, Fresno
2/28/2018 19:01 Elizabeth Fish: Lisa Fish, University of Miami,
2/28/2018 19:01 Victoria Volkanova: Victoria, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Université de Moncton (Canada)
2/28/2018 19:01 Mary Rose Muccie: Mary Rose Muccie, Temple University Press
2/28/2018 19:01 Anne McKee: Consortium officer
2/28/2018 19:01 Catherine Lencioni: Katy Lencioni, Midwester
2/28/2018 19:01 John Burger: Consortium Director
2/28/2018 19:01 Phil Reynolds: Phil Reynolds Stephen F. Austin State University
2/28/2018 19:01 Celeste Feather: Celeste Feather, LYRASIS
2/28/2018 19:01 Abigail Wickes: MLS working in publishing
2/28/2018 19:01 Stella Sandy: Stella Sandy from the UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
2/28/2018 19:02 Elizabeth Fish: administrator
2/28/2018 19:02 Joan Lippincott: Joan LIppincott, Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
2/28/2018 19:02 Mary Rupp: archivist
2/28/2018 19:02 Jen Waller: Open Educational Resources & Scholarly Communication Coordinator
2/28/2018 19:02 Joshua Pyle: Content Hosting Provider
2/28/2018 19:02 Sheri Edwards: Sheri Edwards, Florida Atlantic University (where it's 80 degrees!)
2/28/2018 19:02 Carole Parker: Acquisition Librarian Asst
2/28/2018 19:02 Xan Arch: Xan Arch, University of Portland
2/28/2018 19:02 Sharla Lair: Sharla Lair, LYRASIS
2/28/2018 19:02 Elmelinda Lara: Elmelinda Lara, the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
2/28/2018 19:02 Celeste Feather: Consortium manager
2/28/2018 19:02 Shelly Miller: trusted vendor partner
2/28/2018 19:02 Sheri Edwards: Reference Librarian
2/28/2018 19:02 Wayne Morse: Library and IT Staff
2/28/2018 19:02 Ruth Dukelow: Consortium Director
2/28/2018 19:05 Sarah Muncy: Sarah Muncy, the University of Cincinnati Press
2/28/2018 19:05 Jill Grogg: Jill Grogg
2/28/2018 19:07 Inba Kehoe: Inba Kehoe, U of Victoria, BC. Copyright and Scholarly Communication Librarian
2/28/2018 19:07 Matt Lee: Matt Lee, Minitex library network in MN
2/28/2018 19:08 Nicole Manfredo: Nicole Manfredo, JSTOR
2/28/2018 19:23 (Private to Presenters) - Allan Adler: Will slides be available for download?
2/28/2018 19:23 (Private to Allan Adler) - Charleston Conference: Yes, we'll post video and slides
2/28/2018 19:24 Kumru Kastro: Drexel University Libraries, Life Sciences
2/28/2018 19:25 (Private to Allan Adler) - Charleston Conference: They'll be on the Charleston Conference website and we'll send an email out when they're available, which should be no later than Monday morning.
2/28/2018 19:27 Hector Morey: Hector Morey, Library of Congress
2/28/2018 19:35 (Private to Presenters) - Allan Adler: Thanks!
2/28/2018 19:44 sophie zhang: there are some publishers located in an university campus, but not in a library, how do you think the difference in their mission?
2/28/2018 19:44 Carrie Nelson: (michelle - in case this is what you were wondering: I think U Cincinatti Press is specializing in social justice topics)
2/28/2018 19:46 Andrea McKennan: Can you give examples of how libraries are promoting their self-publishing efforts? How are they attracting submissions as well as readership?
2/28/2018 19:47 (Private to Presenters) - Allan Adler: Is there a general sense in the community about the way library publishers handle copyright issues with respect to their publications? Are there established policies you could suggest as fairly representative of how library publishers handle their copyright policies? Who decides on the policies - the library, the university (if applicable), or the publishing unit?
2/28/2018 19:48 Mariya Maistrovskaya: For those interested in how libraries self-identify in the publishing landscape check out this recent publication
2/28/2018 19:48 Inba Kehoe: How many staff do you have at the University Press and how many books do you publish a year?
2/28/2018 19:49 (Private to Presenters) - Michelle Durocher: Are there any common software platforms that library publishers are gravitating toward as their title management system or other internal systems for their business practice? There seems to me great opportunity for library metadata integration that would lower costs for both libraries and publishers.
2/28/2018 19:51 Paul Royster: Do you feel it is more useful to develop local decentralized programs or to pool resources to attempt to create an overall scholarly communication system?
2/28/2018 19:51 Wayne Morse: Some aspects of "traditional" presses seem poised for the modern scholars and some do not. If faculty members scholarly work is being peer reviewed, they have an advisory board, and are creating online articles using open source software, is this publishing?
2/28/2018 19:51 (Private to Presenters) - Michelle Durocher: didn't mean to make the above question private! Will resend publicly... apologies.
2/28/2018 19:51 Michelle Durocher: Are there any common software platforms that library publishers are gravitating toward as their title management system or other internal systems for their business practice? There seems to me great opportunity for library metadata integration that would lower costs for both libraries and publishers.
2/28/2018 19:53 Graham Stone: Here in the UK, we surveyed our new university presses about staffing (there are 17 presses in total) . The average in the UK is 1.5FTE
2/28/2018 19:55 (Private to Presenters) - sophie zhang: can the presentation be shared ?
2/28/2018 19:56 (Private to Presenters) - sophie zhang: can this webinar be reviewed?
2/28/2018 19:56 (Private to sophie zhang) - Charleston Conference: Hi Sophie! Yes, once the video is posted it will be open for anyone. Feel free to share! We'll send an email to attendees to let them know when the video and slides are available on the conference website.
2/28/2018 19:57 (Private to Presenters) - sophie zhang: thanks a lot
2/28/2018 19:58 (Private to Presenters) - sophie zhang: do you have any list of library presses?
2/28/2018 20:00 Earleen Warner: Thank you!
2/28/2018 20:00 Elizabeth McCormick: Thanks :)
2/28/2018 20:00 Inba Kehoe: thank you!
2/28/2018 20:00 Deanna Flores: thank you!
2/28/2018 20:00 sophie zhang: thanks
2/28/2018 20:00 Joan Lippincott: Thanks!
2/28/2018 20:00 Graham Stone: Thanks :)
2/28/2018 20:00 Gerard Rogers: Thanks.
2/28/2018 20:00 Lucy Gan: thank you all!
2/28/2018 20:00 Kumru Kastro: Thank you!
2/28/2018 20:00 Douglas Black: Thank you!
2/28/2018 20:00 Hector Morey: thanks!
2/28/2018 20:00 Barbara Walker: thank you, have a great day!