Chat Log
3/26/2018 18:01 Marcie Hernandez: Hello from San Antonio, Texas!
3/26/2018 18:01 Sara Hills: Sara from St. Edward's University in Austin, TEX
3/26/2018 18:02 James Gulvas: James Gulvas: University of Michigan
3/26/2018 18:02 Carol Kochan: I'm Carol Kochan from Utah State University
3/26/2018 18:02 Rachel McWilliams: Rachel McWilliams, North Carolina
3/26/2018 18:02 Kate Seago: Kate Seago, University of Kentucky
3/26/2018 18:02 Matt Isaia: Hello from Chicago, Illinois
3/26/2018 18:02 Jana Murphy: Jana Murphy, Tarrant County College
3/26/2018 18:02 Merrie Davidson: Merrie from Saint Paul
3/26/2018 18:02 Eric Tans: Hi from East Lansing
3/26/2018 18:02 Earleen Warner: Earleen Warner -- Bethel University Library -- St. Paul, MN
3/26/2018 18:02 Marcie Hernandez: Marketing Department
3/26/2018 18:02 Shannon Jones: Hello from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston
3/26/2018 18:02 Lynda Clendenning: Librarian
3/26/2018 18:02 Mikaela Gray: Hi! Librarian from University of Toronto
3/26/2018 18:02 Ann Watson: Hello from cloudy Central Ohio1
3/26/2018 18:02 Carol Tenopir: Carol from University of Tennessee, researcher
3/26/2018 18:02 John Coogan: John Coogan, University of Maryland University College
3/26/2018 18:02 Karen Jensen: Karen Jensen, University of Alaska Fairbanks
3/26/2018 18:02 Emily Ray: Emily from University of Arkansas at Little Rock
3/26/2018 18:02 Les Canterbury: Good morning. Les Canterbury, Librarian, U of Redlands, CA
3/26/2018 18:02 Jessica Scott: Jessica from Clemson Univeristy
3/26/2018 18:02 Shannon Jones: Director of Libraries
3/26/2018 18:02 Robin Ford: Librarian, East Lansing, MI
3/26/2018 18:02 Becky Fisher: Hi - I'm Becky from Orlando
3/26/2018 18:02 Taylor Wilcox: Taylor Wilcox, Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL
3/26/2018 18:02 Mary Kaye Hooker: Chamberlain College of Nursing
3/26/2018 18:02 Ann Watson: Associate State Librarian
3/26/2018 18:02 Kimberley Balcos: Charlotte, NC CPCC
3/26/2018 18:02 Michelle Brewer: Hi from Wolters Kluwer, both a librarian and with a publisher!
3/26/2018 18:02 Bobby Hollandsworth: Bobby Hollandsworth, Clemson University
3/26/2018 18:02 Sharon Laycock: Hello, from Louisiana...Sharon Laycock, Central Louisiana Technical Community College
3/26/2018 18:03 Katherine Swart: Katherine and Gerone -- librarians from Calvin College -- Grand Rapids, Michigan
3/26/2018 18:03 Kimberley Balcos: Depends on the content
3/26/2018 18:03 Lynda Clendenning: both
3/26/2018 18:03 Ann Watson: print
3/26/2018 18:03 Lynda Clendenning: ipda
3/26/2018 18:03 Bradley Scott: Bradley Scott, Mott Community College
3/26/2018 18:03 Ann Watson: IPad
3/26/2018 18:03 Kimberley Balcos: Kindle
3/26/2018 18:04 Kimberley Balcos: Desktop
3/26/2018 18:04 Taylor Wilcox: Laptop
3/26/2018 18:04 Mikaela Gray: Desktop or Kobo
3/26/2018 18:04 Katherine Swart: Desktop
3/26/2018 18:04 Jane Halliley: Desktop
3/26/2018 18:06 Charleston Conference: Thanks everyone! We'll make those poll results available, along with the video and slides from today, on our website later this week.
3/26/2018 18:06 (Private to Presenters) - Bradley Scott: Screen is black - are others experiencing same problem?
3/26/2018 18:07 John Coogan: Please remind us, where are the briefings to be found?
3/26/2018 18:07 (Private to Bradley Scott) - Charleston Conference: Hi Bradley, I'm not seeing that. What browser are you using?
3/26/2018 18:07 Charleston Conference:
3/26/2018 18:07 (Private to Presenters) - Bradley Scott: Chrome. Switch to Firefox? Or IE?
3/26/2018 18:07 John Coogan: thanks.
3/26/2018 18:07 (Private to Bradley Scott) - Charleston Conference: No, usually Chrome is best....
3/26/2018 18:08 (Private to Presenters) - Bradley Scott: I'll try logging out and reconnecting.
3/26/2018 18:08 (Private to Bradley Scott) - Charleston Conference: Hmm, do you see an icon at the top of your screen with three dots? You can change audio and video setting there.
3/26/2018 18:08 Bradley Scott: Better now.
3/26/2018 18:09 Charleston Conference: Direct link to David's book Reading in a Digital Age:
3/26/2018 18:09 (Private to Bradley Scott) - Charleston Conference: Good! Glad it's better.
3/26/2018 18:11 Charleston Conference: The Shallows
3/26/2018 18:12 Judy Lee: Hello from Staten Island New York!
3/26/2018 18:12 Charleston Conference: Hi Judy!
3/26/2018 18:16 Merrie Davidson: I've lost the meeting
3/26/2018 18:16 Merrie Davidson: Fixed
3/26/2018 18:21 Charleston Conference: “What the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation. Whether I’m online or not, my mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it: in a swiftly moving stream of particles. Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski.” ― Nicholas Carr, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains
3/26/2018 18:25 Charleston Conference: Don't forget you can submit any questions as they come up during the presentation by using the "Ask the Presenter a Question" box with a green question mark icon. Matthew will moderate the Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
3/26/2018 18:27 John Coogan: But what about when you read an entire book on a Kindle, for example. In that case, it's linear.
3/26/2018 18:30 John Coogan: Nevermind, they just addressed that.
3/26/2018 18:31 Charleston Conference: Cute cat videos or GIFs are mentioned in every one of our presentations. They're everywhere.
3/26/2018 18:33 Susan Henthorn: Shorthand for 'whatever mindless entertainment distracts you' LOL
3/26/2018 18:35 John Coogan: sorry, what was the percentage of americans who had read a work of literature?
3/26/2018 18:35 Matt Isaia: How do they define "piece of literature"?
3/26/2018 18:36 Matt Isaia: Do they mean literary fiction or does that statistic also include popular fiction such as thriller/mystery novels or romance novels?
3/26/2018 18:38 Les Canterbury: both
3/26/2018 18:38 Abigail Wickes: Some of both--when I'm doing research for work I like to print out the articles so I can take physical notes
3/26/2018 18:38 Kimberley Balcos: Both
3/26/2018 18:38 Sara Hills: both
3/26/2018 18:38 Mark Ruthman: Neither -- do almost everything digitally.
3/26/2018 18:38 Sarah Beasley: If I have to think, I need to read in print
3/26/2018 18:38 Susan Henthorn: When close reading for work, definitely print
3/26/2018 18:38 Les Canterbury: both
3/26/2018 18:38 Kimberley Balcos: Both
3/26/2018 18:39 Mark Ruthman: Both digital!
3/26/2018 18:39 Kelly Denzer: will print articles
3/26/2018 18:39 Bradley Scott: both
3/26/2018 18:39 Marcie Hernandez: I agree Susan. If I need to focus, definitey print.
3/26/2018 18:39 Ann Watson: I have moved to listening to pleasure reading books on CD as I am tired of reading online all day at work
3/26/2018 18:39 Abigail Wickes: I guess I read a lot of magazine articles for pleasure that are digital, but no e-books really
3/26/2018 18:39 Merrie Davidson: I do most of each in digital
3/26/2018 18:39 Melissa Peterson: Work related reading is much more broadly defined than pleasure reading.
3/26/2018 18:39 Kimberley Balcos: digital fatigue
3/26/2018 18:39 Merrie Davidson: Certain apps make linear reading easy on ipads
3/26/2018 18:39 Chelsea Kaiser: What do you think the reason for this flip-flop is?
3/26/2018 18:39 Carol Kochan: Overdrive
3/26/2018 18:40 Scott Lancaster: My pleasure "reading" is done with Audible and other audio formats.
3/26/2018 18:40 Sarah Beasley: Are audiobooks 'reading'?
3/26/2018 18:40 Scott Lancaster: That's an ongoing argument among my friends and colleagues.
3/26/2018 18:41 Scott Lancaster: The only time I have to devote to pleasure reading is when I am driving or working in the yard.
3/26/2018 18:41 Merrie Davidson: What does writing and taking notes impact reading of either
3/26/2018 18:43 Emily Ray: the research results of the digital skeptics "feels" right to me, but it also seems like it could be influenced by bias. Are other researchers trying to repeat their studies?
3/26/2018 18:43 Merrie Davidson: How does "reading by highlighting" impact deep thinking?
3/26/2018 18:47 Carol Kochan: Can we share this presentation with others in our Library?
3/26/2018 18:47 Matt Isaia: Can you please email out this power point after the webinar ends?
3/26/2018 18:47 Charleston Conference: Yes, slides will be available for download and will be emailed to attendees
3/26/2018 18:48 Bradley Scott: Answered "unsure" b/c I see their value but I am not sure that others do.
3/26/2018 18:48 David Killian: The pressure is to purchase ebooks because of remote access.
3/26/2018 18:51 David Macaulay: I'm sure many people read print books with their digital devices beside them. This doesn't preclude distraction.
3/26/2018 18:52 Matt Isaia: Access can also be a challenge with eBooks. I've had patrons tell me that they prefer checking out print books cuz its a pretty simple, straightforward process
3/26/2018 18:53 Matt Isaia: ...compared to checking out eBooks which can be confusing i.e. downloading apps, signing in to accounts, etc.
3/26/2018 18:54 Bradley Scott: To me, copyright is one of several very large elephants in the room. Libraries have well-established legal framework for longterm retention/loan of print books; not so much for digital editions.
3/26/2018 18:54 Ann Watson: When I listen to an audio book my imagination as to what is happening in the storyline is actually much clearer. I also retain alot of it -sometimes more than when I actually read print or digital format.
3/26/2018 18:56 Ann Watson: Thank you for this important research in to reading and the role of format types on human reading. I hope it will help us to avoid the self fulling prophecy of libraries no longer being needed because of what you hear as "the future not needing books any longer since everything is on the internet)
3/26/2018 19:01 Bradley Scott: That complexity frequently has to do with satisfying the demands of copyright holders. (Compare Overdrive with Project Gutenberg!)
3/26/2018 19:01 Kimberley Balcos: Thank you!
3/26/2018 19:01 Kelly Denzer: thank you!
3/26/2018 19:01 Robin Ford: Thank you!
3/26/2018 19:01 Bradley Scott: Thanks to all presenters!
3/26/2018 19:01 Matt Isaia: Thank you David & Tony. This was a great webinar!
3/26/2018 19:01 Susan Henthorn: Thanks!