Chat Log
6/19/2018 18:02 Jim O'Donnell: Jim O'Donnell, ASU
6/19/2018 18:02 Audrey Powers: Audrey - university of South Florida
6/19/2018 18:02 Gwen Evams: Gwen Evans, OhioLINK
6/19/2018 18:02 Mark Marino: Mark Marino, State College of Florida
6/19/2018 18:02 Lisa Hinchliffe: Hi everyone! Lisa Hinchliffe - one of the presenters!
6/19/2018 18:02 Alar Elken: Alar Elken, Readex
6/19/2018 18:02 MARINA OLIVER: marina oliver - Texas Tech
6/19/2018 18:02 Christine Dunleavy: Christine Dunleavy, University of South Florida St Petersburg
6/19/2018 18:02 Susan Spilka: Susan
6/19/2018 18:02 Nettie Lagace: Nettie Lagace, NISO
6/19/2018 18:02 Joanne Petz: joanne petz - Readex
6/19/2018 18:02 Audrey Powers: hi
6/19/2018 18:02 Susan Spilka: w
6/19/2018 18:02 Lee Adams: Lee Adams, California State Univ East Bay
6/19/2018 18:02 Adelia Grabowsky : Adelia Grabowsky Auburn University
6/19/2018 18:02 Kelly Robinson Singh: Kelly Singh, Embry-Riddle University
6/19/2018 18:02 Tara Newby: Tara Newby, SAGE Publications
6/19/2018 18:02 Todd Carpenter: Hi everyone
6/19/2018 18:02 Russell Zack: Russell Zack, Code Ocean New York City
6/19/2018 18:02 Susan Spilka: Susan Spilka from Knowledge Unlatched
6/19/2018 18:02 Charlotte Innerd: Charlotte Innerd - Wilfrid Laurier University
6/19/2018 18:02 Nettie Lagace: standards organization :)
6/19/2018 18:02 Todd Carpenter: Standards developer/publisher
6/19/2018 18:03 Christine Dunleavy: christine (manager)
6/19/2018 18:03 Susan Spilka: consultant
6/19/2018 18:03 Patricia Sobczak: Pattie Sobczak
6/19/2018 18:03 Penny Lochner: Penny (librarian)
6/19/2018 18:03 Jill ONeill: Standards developer/publisher
6/19/2018 18:03 Melissa Platkowski: Systems Librarian
6/19/2018 18:03 Abigail Wickes: Discovery relationships at OUP!
6/19/2018 18:04 Michelle Brewer: market intelligence / research
6/19/2018 18:05 Charleston Conference: You can tweet the session at #atgtrendspotting
6/19/2018 18:05 Darby Orcutt: Darby Orcutt, North Carolina State University
6/19/2018 18:06 Charleston Conference: Yup, I'm here! :)
6/19/2018 18:07 DeDe Leshy: DeDe Leshy
6/19/2018 18:09 Michelle Brewer: sounds like a neat new way to crowd source a PESTEL analysis of sorts?
6/19/2018 18:09 Charleston Conference: Link to Trend Storm form:
6/19/2018 18:10 Charleston Conference: You may fill out the form as many times as you would like but we would ask that you only submit one trend per form.
6/19/2018 18:10 (Private to Presenters) - Russell Zack: "PEETS" "STEEP"
6/19/2018 18:11 Todd Carpenter: Is the Trend Storm an internal thing of participants, or is it open to anyone?
6/19/2018 18:11 Charleston Conference: Open to anyone! The more the merrier.
6/19/2018 18:11 Todd Carpenter: :)
6/19/2018 18:13 Elaine Tomaselli: Elaine Reaney-Tomaselli
6/19/2018 18:29 Christine Dunleavy: I think another aspect might be to differentiate between a trend and a fad/bubble.
6/19/2018 18:30 Jill ONeill: What types of documentation might you be looking for in each trends submission? Citations, a single statistic, or media reference or something more substantive?
6/19/2018 18:30 Todd Carpenter: Bubbles can be a short-term trend gone crazy, but that might have long-term impacts
6/19/2018 18:31 Joanne Petz: can this trend text be from non-librarians who could might be able a different perspective?
6/19/2018 18:31 Jill ONeill: That's actually a nice word count! Thanks!
6/19/2018 18:32 Mark Sandler: Are we focusing on academic libraries and scholarly publishing or the broader world of libraries and publishing?
6/19/2018 18:33 Susan Spilka: will you make the recording of this webinar available (to share)?
6/19/2018 18:34 Charleston Conference: Hi Susan, yes, the webinar is being recorded and will be made avail on the conference website by the end of the week.
6/19/2018 18:34 Susan Spilka: thanks!
6/19/2018 18:34 Todd Carpenter: Will there be a way to +1 or -1 trend ideas before the meeting, or is that your job? Will the list be available before the meeting?
6/19/2018 18:35 Nettie Lagace: FYI is a tool that might help with this. YMMV.
6/19/2018 18:36 Jill ONeill: Strategic planning folks across all sectors would be interested in the list.
6/19/2018 18:37 Audrey Powers: and assessment
6/19/2018 18:37 Athena Hoeppner: Perhaps include steps for librarians to respond to boost or mitigate the trend. Or to measure it.
6/19/2018 18:38 Lisa Hinchliffe:
6/19/2018 18:38 Todd Carpenter: Different trends affect different communities in different ways. You may want to add/tweak the form to aknowledge/discover who is most likely to be impacted
6/19/2018 18:38 Athena Hoeppner: Surveys to gauge what librarians and other think about the trend.
6/19/2018 18:39 Audrey Powers: we need to look at how all communities are impacted with each trend
6/19/2018 18:39 Lisa Hinchliffe: #atgtrendspotting
6/19/2018 18:40 Audrey Powers: yes, all, whatever we think will be impacted
6/19/2018 18:41 Charleston Conference: When we post the recording of the webinar, the chat log will be available as well so we can scroll back through and keep track of ideas raised here.
6/19/2018 18:43 Nettie Lagace: :smiley: thanks all for this really awesome initiative!
6/19/2018 18:43 Charleston Conference: Thank you so much, Lisa!!! And thanks to all our attendees for being here.
6/19/2018 18:43 Todd Carpenter: Thank you, Lisa! See you in NO, LA!
6/19/2018 18:43 Athena Hoeppner: Thank you! Have a good afternoon.
6/19/2018 18:43 Mark Marino: Thanks
6/19/2018 18:43 Susan Spilka: thanks!
6/19/2018 18:43 Christine Dunleavy: Thanks!
6/19/2018 18:43 Audrey Powers: Thanks. Great idea!