Chat Log
8/22/2018 18:01 Kerry Dhakal: Kerry Dhakal
8/22/2018 18:01 LaTeesa James: Hi I'm LaTeesa James and I'm located in Michigan
8/22/2018 18:01 Kerry Dhakal: Health Sciences Library, Ohio State
8/22/2018 18:01 Kate Seago: Kate Seago,, University of Kentucky
8/22/2018 18:01 Jeanene Light: Jeanene Light University of Vermont
8/22/2018 18:01 DeDe Leshy: DeDe Leshy, Cedars-Sinai
8/22/2018 18:01 Meredith Gozo: Meredith Gozo Purdue University
8/22/2018 18:01 Katina Strauch: katina strauch against the grain
8/22/2018 18:01 John Wiswell: Hi. John Wiswell, Appalachian State, Health Sciences Librarian!
8/22/2018 18:02 Edwin Robinson: Edwin Robinson - Chemical Abstract Services
8/22/2018 18:02 Paul Gahn: UTHSC Library in Memphis
8/22/2018 18:02 Ilona Burdette: Kentucky Virtual Library
8/22/2018 18:02 Cecilia Vernes: Hello, from the Public Health Digital Library in Massachusetts
8/22/2018 18:02 wendy bahnsen: Wendy Bahnsen, Rittenhouse
8/22/2018 18:03 Kerry Dhakal: librarian
8/22/2018 18:03 wendy bahnsen: vendor
8/22/2018 18:04 Kerry Dhakal: Not personally, but possibly our collection librarian is
8/22/2018 18:04 Kate Seago: In our library collection
8/22/2018 18:04 John Wiswell: My colleagues here subscribe.
8/22/2018 18:23 Charleston Conference: While David is wrapping up, you can start sending in your questions for the Q&A session. Send them here in the chat box or through the green question mark icon "Ask the Presenter a Question" button.
8/22/2018 18:25 Ramune Kubilius: What professional networks do you find the most helpful?
8/22/2018 18:26 Meredith Gozo: Can you explain what you mean about not assigning just anyone to do taxonomies? Who is best suited to this work; what skills should they have?
8/22/2018 18:28 Meredith Gozo: That's a helpful reply. Asking because I have to make this argument in my institution
8/22/2018 18:30 (Private to Meredith Gozo) - David Bender: email me later at and I can tell you more, the decision to have separate taxonomies would not have occurred if I did not have a background in this stuff.
8/22/2018 18:31 (Private to Presenters) - Meredith Gozo: Thank you David, your email is much appreciated for further discussion. :)
8/22/2018 18:33 (Private to Meredith Gozo) - Charleston Conference:
8/22/2018 18:34 (Private to Presenters) - Meredith Gozo: Thanks!
8/22/2018 18:34 (Private to Meredith Gozo) - Charleston Conference: You're welcome!
8/22/2018 18:35 Charleston Conference: Dream big! Please give us your feedback on Liz's questions.
8/22/2018 18:35 Danielle Aloia: Start with infrastructure, servers, etc. I would need 2million!
8/22/2018 18:36 Ramune Kubilius: Start with: coordinator (librarian). How much money? Whatever they will give you and you work within that.
8/22/2018 18:36 Kerry Dhakal: Is the new subject library affiliated with a hospital?
8/22/2018 18:36 (Private to Presenters) - Wayne Manos: would you include preprints as part of the recommended resources?
8/22/2018 18:36 Paul Gahn: ClinicalKey,
8/22/2018 18:36 Cynthia McClellan: Off the top of my head: key journals
8/22/2018 18:36 DeDe Leshy: wow!
8/22/2018 18:36 Paul Gahn: AccessMedicine
8/22/2018 18:36 Kathleen Downing: Talk to subject matter experts for info on best practice/useful resources, look at free resources through MLIN
8/22/2018 18:37 maryrose keenan: Do you have to pay for uptodate out of your budget???
8/22/2018 18:37 Wayne Manos: would you include preprints as part of the recommended resources?
8/22/2018 18:37 Charleston Conference:
8/22/2018 18:37 Meg White: Focus on materials that directly support curriculum
8/22/2018 18:38 Tony Landolt: Thank you for the nice plug
8/22/2018 18:40 wendy bahnsen: Thanks Liz! PDA is working really well at WMED
8/22/2018 18:40 DeDe Leshy: How many professional librarians among the 4.5 FTE?
8/22/2018 18:41 LaTeesa James: Good bargaining skills would be important to have when dealing with vendors
8/22/2018 18:41 Danielle Aloia: Future thinking skills. Yes vendors should be included in library education.
8/22/2018 18:41 Edwin Robinson: yes, vendors and information schools should develop partnerships
8/22/2018 18:41 DeDe Leshy: computer science knowledge/experience; critical thinking skilils
8/22/2018 18:42 John Wiswell: Good listener to and observer of faculty, students
8/22/2018 18:42 Kerry Dhakal: We can definitely both learn from each other.
8/22/2018 18:42 LaTeesa James: Good bargaining skills would be important to have when dealing with vendors
8/22/2018 18:42 Ramune Kubilius: Skills? Agility, flexibility, calmness under pressure--more character traits than skills. Should vendors and librarians teach? You've seen one vendor-you've seen one vendor. Could a vendor represent the whole industry? Maybe/mayve not.
8/22/2018 18:47 Kathleen Downing: RA21?
8/22/2018 18:48 Paul Gahn:
8/22/2018 18:48 Cecilia Vernes: How much can consortium membership help limit exorbitant costs of online resources?
8/22/2018 18:49 Ramune Kubilius: Come to the health sciences lively lunch in Charleston: one of the topics will be RA21...
8/22/2018 18:49 Kerry Dhakal: are all of the 4.5 positions librarian positions?
8/22/2018 18:49 Jeanene Light: can you talk more about the "bumps" in the road?
8/22/2018 18:50 DeDe Leshy: How many professional librarians among the 4.5 FTE?
8/22/2018 18:50 Danielle Aloia: I find consortium's have not helped us! You can sometimes negotiate a better deal!
8/22/2018 18:50 John Wiswell: How much, (what %) of article access is GIN/Reprints Desk? What journal packages do you subscribe to?
8/22/2018 18:51 Danielle Aloia: I am amazed you are running on a budget of 250K. That seems unreal to me.
8/22/2018 18:51 John Wiswell: Get It Now
8/22/2018 18:52 Kerry Dhakal: Do you collaborate with the hospital for UpToDate or DynaMed?
8/22/2018 18:57 Charleston Conference: Any guesses?
8/22/2018 18:57 Kerry Dhakal: Tough one
8/22/2018 18:57 Danielle Aloia: passionate caretakers?
8/22/2018 18:57 Cynthia McClellan: All need information relating to animals
8/22/2018 19:01 (Private to Presenters) - John Wiswell: All with interest in health! Thank you!
8/22/2018 19:05 Kerry Dhakal: "naturing" is a thing in Japan
8/22/2018 19:08 Charleston Conference:
8/22/2018 19:08 Charleston Conference:
8/22/2018 19:10 Kerry Dhakal: We have interprofessional groups working on this at OSU:
8/22/2018 19:10 Charleston Conference: Thanks for the link, Kerry!
8/22/2018 19:10 Kerry Dhakal: Sure.
8/22/2018 19:11 Kerry Dhakal: Yes, antimicrobial stewardship and animal health is one of the topics, I believe.
8/22/2018 19:12 Kerry Dhakal: Is your background in Med Anth biological or cultural?
8/22/2018 19:12 DeDe Leshy: Thank you!
8/22/2018 19:12 Kerry Dhakal: Thank you so much.
8/22/2018 19:12 Mark Vrabel: Thanks!
8/22/2018 19:12 Meg White: Thank you,. Leah, Ramune and the panel@
8/22/2018 19:12 Elizabeth Lorbeer: Thank you!
8/22/2018 19:12 Danielle Aloia: Thank you! very good topics and tips!