Chat Log
7/31/2018 18:02 Paula DuPont: Hi, I'm Paula DuPont at Delgado Community College in New Orleans
7/31/2018 18:02 Deanna Flores: Deanna: Adventist University of Health Sciences
7/31/2018 18:02 Audrey Powers: Audrey Powers, USF
7/31/2018 18:02 Kimberley Smith: Kimberley Smith at Fresno State
7/31/2018 18:02 Travis Nace: Travis Nace, GWU Himmelfarb Health Science Library in Washington DC
7/31/2018 18:02 Sara Duff: Hi there! I'm Sara Duff with the University of Central Florida.
7/31/2018 18:03 Mary Grace Stefanchik: Mary Grace Stefanchik at ASME Press in NYC
7/31/2018 18:03 Patti French: Patti French: Statista
7/31/2018 18:03 Stella Sandy: Stella Sandy, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago
7/31/2018 18:03 Jessica Zellers: Jessica Zellers, Western Carolina University
7/31/2018 18:03 Athena Hoeppner: Hello! I'm Athena Hoeppner, with the University of Central Florida.
7/31/2018 18:03 Shalini Jagannath: Shalini Jagannatha from Miami Dade College
7/31/2018 18:03 Holly Zerbe: Holly Zerbe - UPenn
7/31/2018 18:03 Ruvanna Williams: Ruvanna Williams at Alabama A&M University
7/31/2018 18:03 Elmelinda Lara: Hi, I am Elmelinda Lara , The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago Campus
7/31/2018 18:03 Ingrid Moisil: Ingrid Moisil from University of Ottawa
7/31/2018 18:04 Margaret Keller: Hi. I'm Margaret Keller at Northshore Technical Community College in southeast Lousiana.
7/31/2018 18:04 Charleston Conference: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us!
7/31/2018 18:04 Paula DuPont: (Hi, another LCTCS person!)
7/31/2018 18:05 Marynelle Chew: ALL the time for course reserve
7/31/2018 18:05 Holly Zerbe: For course reserve and bibliographer requests
7/31/2018 18:05 Ingrid Moisil: renewing a subscription
7/31/2018 18:05 Sara Duff: Current involved in textbook affordability initiatives
7/31/2018 18:05 Charleston Conference: Please let us know what your "other" answer is in the chat box!
7/31/2018 18:05 Paula DuPont: Literally all the time, I'm doing OER
7/31/2018 18:05 Travis Nace: All the time. library acquisitions and ILL related
7/31/2018 18:05 Shalini Jagannath: Everytime
7/31/2018 18:05 Elmelinda Lara: For course reserve
7/31/2018 18:06 Leanne Olson: Like Sara - currently involved in library's textbook affordability initiatives, in response to student feedback
7/31/2018 18:06 Athena Hoeppner: I'm trying to boost textbook affordability
7/31/2018 18:08 Allison Mitchell: Allison Mitchell: Statista
7/31/2018 18:08 Charleston Conference: Welcome Allison!
7/31/2018 18:12 (Private to Presenters) - Harold Colson: my access on chrome and app is continually cycling on and off. i'll just listen on phone.
7/31/2018 18:13 (Private to Harold Colson) - Charleston Conference: Sorry about that! Can you try another browser? I'm using Chrome so it should be working.
7/31/2018 18:14 (Private to Presenters) - Harold Colson: i did use chrome and same situation.
7/31/2018 18:14 (Private to Harold Colson) - Charleston Conference:
7/31/2018 18:14 (Private to Harold Colson) - Charleston Conference: Oops, that was for presenters. Try this one instead for attendees:
7/31/2018 18:15 (Private to Presenters) - Harold Colson: thanks. i'll listen and then watch the visual on the recording.
7/31/2018 18:16 (Private to Harold Colson) - Charleston Conference: Okay, sorry about that!
7/31/2018 18:17 Paula DuPont: Moving towards e-textbooks and affordable learning initiatives
7/31/2018 18:17 Charleston Conference: let us know what's complicated on the attendee chat!
7/31/2018 18:17 Marynelle Chew: We buy ebooks that aren't really textbooks
7/31/2018 18:17 Jessica Zellers: The bookstore sends us a list of books that are going to be used in classes. Liaisons can then choose to order some of those books if they want. A few do. Most don't.
7/31/2018 18:18 Charleston Conference: Thanks!
7/31/2018 18:23 Charleston Conference: Remember - if you have any questions or comments during the presentation, you can use the green question mark icon button to ask the presenters a question. We'll have plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the session.
7/31/2018 18:30 Audrey Powers: not sure
7/31/2018 18:30 Charleston Conference: Please give your feedback on the pricing in the attendee chat. Thanks!
7/31/2018 18:34 Travis Nace: How do you all handle the supplemental pieces that traditionally came with textbooks? This is becoming more and more of an issue, and libraries seem to steer clear of these.
7/31/2018 18:35 Travis Nace: Thank you!
7/31/2018 18:36 Holly Zerbe: Will these textbook titles be indexed in Discovery services like Summon/Alma or EDS?
7/31/2018 18:39 (Private to Presenters) - Shalini Jagannath: Will there be a DDA model?
7/31/2018 18:39 Marynelle Chew: Biggest hurdle: getting faculty members to change textbooks if they are not already using a Cambridge title.
7/31/2018 18:42 (Private to Presenters) - Shalini Jagannath: Will there be a DDA/PDA model which triggers for purchase?
7/31/2018 18:43 Shalini Jagannath: Thanks
7/31/2018 18:44 Holly Zerbe: as far as pricing, we don't have an general collections budget line for textbooks so each subject bibliographer would be responsible for paying for textbooks in their subject area out of their one-time allocated funds for that year. Even $900 would be a huge chunk of those one-time funds for many subjects and it might be dififcult for them to justify spending that amount of money with nothing to show for it after a year.
7/31/2018 18:49 Charleston Conference: Email address for further questions:
7/31/2018 18:49 Stella Sandy: Thank you.
7/31/2018 18:49 Shalini Jagannath: Thank you.
7/31/2018 18:49 Samantha Silver: Thank you!
7/31/2018 18:50 Holly Zerbe: thanks!
7/31/2018 18:50 Elmelinda Lara: Thank you.