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9/25/2018 18:06 (Private to Presenters) - Mia Nguyen: Hi! Will these slides be available after the webinar?
9/25/2018 18:07 Marzenna Ostrowski: Can't see the screen
9/25/2018 18:07 Charleston Conference: Yes - they'll be on the conference website along with the video recording.
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9/25/2018 18:11 Julie Kliever: we do a lot of short-term loan in lieu of purchasing
9/25/2018 18:11 Charleston Conference: Can everyone see the poll question okay?
9/25/2018 18:11 Judy Lee: perfect
9/25/2018 18:12 Victoria Koger: I said PDA but we do it mediated from ILL requests
9/25/2018 18:12 Sophie Rondeau: Yes
9/25/2018 18:12 Charleston Conference: Great! Thanks!
9/25/2018 18:12 Laurie Baumgardner: Collection purchase plus individual title selection
9/25/2018 18:12 Nathalie Parent: Individual Title and also PDA
9/25/2018 18:12 Harold Colson: all of these are used; really a hybrid environment
9/25/2018 18:19 Abigail Wickes: tracking custom collections in KB
9/25/2018 18:19 Harold Colson: duplication with existing print
9/25/2018 18:25 Harold Colson: is that usage of cup book?
9/25/2018 18:25 Harold Colson: thankss
9/25/2018 18:26 Melissa Belvadi: Are these year-ranges approx equal in number of titles included in each group?
9/25/2018 18:26 Nichole Ridgeway: What's the subject areas for this content?
9/25/2018 18:26 Harold Colson: is frontlist inclusion a new element in your eba program? i can't remember.
9/25/2018 18:27 Melissa Belvadi: esp interested in whether the 2015-8 and 10-14 are about the same size or if the 10-14 is much larger set of books
9/25/2018 18:27 Harold Colson: thanks
9/25/2018 18:27 Scott Pope: so, do you think about 80% is deep back list, but 20% is use of deep back list?
9/25/2018 18:28 Melissa Belvadi: ok thnks
9/25/2018 18:28 Scott Pope: thanks
9/25/2018 18:28 Laurie Baumgardner: thanks
9/25/2018 18:29 Charleston Conference: Yes, we can include extra slides or info with the recording. :)
9/25/2018 18:30 Harold Colson: are these chapter uses or full book?
9/25/2018 18:30 Scott Pope: COUNTER BR2 I'm guessing
9/25/2018 18:30 Harold Colson: got it.
9/25/2018 18:31 John Tofanelli: 5 digital sales in 17 years for "fragility? - and 113 uses in 9 months?
9/25/2018 18:33 Harold Colson: how do terms in Euro eba projects differ from north amrican projects?
9/25/2018 18:34 Nichole Ridgeway: Are you seeing stronger renewal rates with EBA models?
9/25/2018 18:34 Yin Zhang: Is there a way to compare EBA and DDA/PDA to find out which is a better fit for a library?
9/25/2018 18:35 Curtis Michelson: if a 'use' is a session or chapter access, could that have been a user who landed on a page and then navigated away quickly? In other words, some uses are pure browsing, not necessarily reading. yes or no?
9/25/2018 18:36 Sophie Rondeau: Do you know the average price per book for an individual institution involved in the EBA program with CUP?
9/25/2018 18:36 Stella Sandy: Does the year to year deposit vary?
9/25/2018 18:37 Nicole Eva: so there isn't a minimum amount of time to spend on a page/chapter/book before it's considered a view?
9/25/2018 18:38 Sharla Lair: Have you established a "CUP consortial model" or are you still in an experimental/pilot EBA model for consortia in the US?
9/25/2018 18:41 Harold Colson: all of above
9/25/2018 18:41 Joshua Keyes: same as harold
9/25/2018 18:41 Stella Sandy: Can't see the poll
9/25/2018 18:41 Kathy Wheeler: Those are actually all of the things that I like about EBA!
9/25/2018 18:42 Nicole Eva: i feel like you don't have full control if having to pay up front, vs DDA/PDA which you don't have to pay for until triggered. am i missing something?
9/25/2018 18:42 Scott Pope: and DRM-free
9/25/2018 18:42 Julie Kliever: with EBA you can take a longer view to make decisions on what to buy, as opposed to DDA
9/25/2018 18:43 Melissa Belvadi: I prefer DDA but EBA is much better than firm or collection purchases for publishers who don't participate in DDA.
9/25/2018 18:43 Jill Powell: Ideal EBA program is not having to pull records from our catalog at the end of the trial. That's difficult for our tech services staff.
9/25/2018 18:43 Julie Kliever: sometimes users will trigger a 3-time purchase when a book was assigned in error, for example. This would not be a problem with EBA
9/25/2018 18:44 Nicole Eva: yes Melissa I can see that might be a good use.
9/25/2018 18:44 Harold Colson: have you modeled what a DDA version of of you EBA projects would cost if 4,5,6, or whatever BR2 uses would have triggeed a purchase?
9/25/2018 18:46 Harold Colson: my guess is EBA is lower overall?
9/25/2018 18:46 Stella Sandy: All I am seeing is a screen which says "Pollin in progress" for the last five minutes
9/25/2018 18:47 Charleston Conference: Sorry abou that Stella! The poll asks what do you like best about EBA.
9/25/2018 18:47 Charleston Conference: Do you see the slides now?
9/25/2018 18:47 Stella Sandy: Yes
9/25/2018 18:48 Charleston Conference: Okay, thanks
9/25/2018 18:48 Melissa Belvadi: I would like to have more time to evaluate the usage data before we're forced to spend out the previous year's deposit. If the window falls in people's vacation time, it's a real problem to do that well. Why would CUP care how long we take to choose, esp if we renew anyway?
9/25/2018 18:48 Laurie Baumgardner: After a certain number of views do you lose access the title?
9/25/2018 18:51 Harold Colson: Can your EBA customers specfiy how much deep backfile they want, as in only books from a certain pub date forward?
9/25/2018 18:52 John Tofanelli: is # of available titles based onm $ on deposit for year
9/25/2018 18:53 Debbi Smith: Does your backfile overlap at all with subscription ebook platforms like ProQuest Ebook Central ?
9/25/2018 18:53 John Tofanelli: what are the variables?
9/25/2018 18:54 Debbi Smith: Yes, thanks
9/25/2018 18:54 Joshua Keyes: I have found a little difficulty with the BR2 usage reports, since one item may have 10 chapters while another has 30. Makes it difficult to adequately evaluate quality of individual usage with the shifting context
9/25/2018 18:55 Melissa Belvadi: Joshua, stay turned for COUNTER 5 in January!
9/25/2018 18:55 Melissa Belvadi: turned=tuned
9/25/2018 18:55 Joshua Keyes: Where's my thumbs up emoticon?
9/25/2018 18:55 Charleston Conference: hahaha, we need one!
9/25/2018 18:56 Curtis Michelson: :v:
9/25/2018 18:56 Patricia Mulrane Clayton: :thumbsup:
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9/25/2018 18:56 (Private to Presenters) - Melissa Belvadi: Have to run, thanks very much for this!
9/25/2018 18:57 Charleston Conference: Can post with the recording
9/25/2018 18:57 Judy Lee: Thank you very much!
9/25/2018 18:57 Shelly Turner: Thank you
9/25/2018 18:57 Sophie Rondeau: Thanks!
9/25/2018 18:57 Kathy Wheeler: Thanks!
9/25/2018 18:57 Judy Lee: You too!
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9/25/2018 18:57 Stella Sandy: Thank you very much. Very interesting
9/25/2018 18:57 Scott Pope: Thanks
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9/25/2018 18:57 Victoria Koger: thanks for the data:)
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