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10/31/2018 17:07 Charleston Conference: Text for Brandon Butler's Opening Statement In Favor of the Resolution
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10/31/2018 17:17 Charleston Conference: Test of Angela Cochran's Opening Statement Against the Resolution
10/31/2018 17:17 Charleston Conference: "text"
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10/31/2018 17:27 Charleston Conference: Use the question mark icon/button to "Ask the Presenter a Question"
10/31/2018 17:27 Tim Lloyd: Question: If the legal question is as clear as presented by Brandon, why hasn't this already been resolved in the courts?
10/31/2018 17:28 Henry Owino: Hell from Doha
10/31/2018 17:33 Katharine Dunn: Are the rebuttal texts available? Thanks!
10/31/2018 17:34 Charleston Conference: I don't have the text for the rebuttals since they weren't determined ahead of time. We can post them along with the video later on.
10/31/2018 17:34 Katharine Dunn: Great, thanks!
10/31/2018 17:35 Karen Jensen: In my experience, publishers won't work on the price problem; they simply won't. They take a larger and larger share of the library's budget every year, cutting into services, personnel costs, and programs. There is now no incentive for publishers to be fair with prices. All we can do is walk away, and they still don't budge. It's not a level playing field.
10/31/2018 17:36 John Reazer: Hola de Miami
10/31/2018 17:37 Jessica Brangiel: Can Angela share what new models her organization or other publishers are offering to address the continually rising price in library serial subscriptions?
10/31/2018 17:37 Meredith Solomon: Many authors have to "transfer their copyright" to a designated publisher. How is this beneficial to the author and to scholarship?
10/31/2018 17:39 Alison Scott: Angela's underlying claim appears to be that copyright (and the restrictions to distribution/access that it enables) is the only way that publishers can recoup the expenses of doing their business. This seems to assume that they don't really see that there is value in the services they provide.
10/31/2018 17:41 Kate Pittsley-Sousa: I take issue with the statement that only corporate publishers could invest in the needed infrastructure. Look at JSTOR a nonprofit founded and governed by academic libraries. The JSTOR platform is so valued and so easy to use that we often see faculty and students starting research in JSTOR, even when from a content standpoint a different database might make more sense. If so much of the content was owned by corporate publishers, librarians could design really great infrastructures for research--and the libraries would have the money needed to support it.
10/31/2018 17:42 Kate Pittsley-Sousa: Sorry that should read "If so much of the content WASN'T owned by corporate publishers, "
10/31/2018 17:46 Karen Jensen: I don't see how the current model can be made equitable across institutions. Some institutions simply cannot compete - Cornell can afford 130,000 journals, public, smaller institutions with less funding can only afford half or less. Scholarship belongs to all of us, not the wealthy elite.
10/31/2018 17:52 Karen Jensen: Some of the scholarly societies are the worst, less willing to negotiate.
10/31/2018 17:54 Kent Anderson: Brandon is wrong. There are differences between actual and statutory damages from copyright infractions. Publishers file copyrights so that statutory claims can be supported. Actual damages are much harder to prove. Plus, authors can't monitor copyright infringement nearly as well as a publisher. He's just wrong here.
10/31/2018 17:55 Kent Anderson: Also, authors like to move beyond their papers, and leaving the copyright with a publisher is a good way of moving on.
10/31/2018 17:55 Brandon Butler: No, Kent is wrong. Transferring copyright to publishers has no bearing on statutory damages.
10/31/2018 17:55 Kent Anderson: Finally, the big publishers often don't require copyright transfer, but prefer licenses.
10/31/2018 17:55 Brandon Butler: Publishers can monitor for infingement without a transfer of copyright.
10/31/2018 17:55 Katharine Dunn: Most publishers require copyright transfers!
10/31/2018 17:55 Kent Anderson: No, Brandon, filing copyright makes the difference, and publishers file the copyrights they receive. You're parsing words and being misleading.
10/31/2018 17:55 Charleston Conference: Reminder: the winner of the debate is the one who moves the largest number of votes over to his or her side. Opening poll results were 55 votes for “Yes, I agree” (51%) and 52 votes for “No, I disagree” (49%).
10/31/2018 17:56 Kent Anderson: Publishers can monitor, but having remedy is much harder without transfer and filing.
10/31/2018 17:56 Brandon Butler: Registering the copyright can easily, trivially be done by the author - instantly, online, for less than $100. You're the one being misleading, Kent.
10/31/2018 17:56 Shirley Decker-Lucke: I'd like to note that your question says all scholarship must be made available- didn't you mean to say FREELY available?
10/31/2018 17:56 Kent Anderson: Authors don't do it, and don't know that they need to file it to gain statutory protections. That's part of the education you need to do, and which publishers help with.
10/31/2018 17:57 Wayne Manos : Note: big money = world series victory :-)
10/31/2018 17:58 Sarah: Well done, both!!
10/31/2018 17:58 Marie McVeigh: I am not sure you can draw a conclusion. The question was how many CHANGE their opinion...? It might be that more who voted "no" at first LEFT... Sorry...
10/31/2018 17:58 Sarah McCleskey: very nice. thank you.
10/31/2018 17:58 Katharine Dunn: thanks both Brandon and Angela!
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